'How to self diagnose foundation wall cracks, DIY crack diagnosis

Sure, rather have a guy like this try n help homeowners versus the interior basement drainage system chumps

touch on a few things for now…

4:25 “That stuff you buy to waterproof your basement wall… DON’T work”. Correct.

4:25 he shows a step crack, note- NOT all step cracks are a result from settling, no! (see J Mann article posted). Some step cracks are due to lateral pressure, exterior pressure sheesh so imo it would be a good idea for some to stop telling all buyers, sellers who have a step crack that they need underpinning or piers etc

14:10 wall anchors/tiebacks, one main point here seems many do not understand is, these bowed in block, brick basement walls have EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging so when you tell peeps all they supposedly need are wall anchors or beams or dumb azz carbon fiber straps… the exterior cracks are… STILL open and may indeed widen allowing more water in basement and some blocks can disintegrate see photo

that’s the exterior of crawl block wall, see the disintegration of some blocks? And the damn wall is bowed IN, has multiple exterior cracks and other openings in wall allowing water etc INSIDE so, just leave these OPEN? Allow other blocks to get worse? Just install wall anchors or carbon fiber straps and an interior moron system? CCCCccc’mon man

Thankfully Marko doesn’t care for carbon fiber straps either = using one’s brain

20:00 interior basement drainage system, gutter system, “I’m not a fan of these, what about radon gas etc”