Gee, why doesn't Danny or Neverdry or Foundation systems of Japan etc post unbiased articles like this

well lol because they either don’t understand this subject the wat they profess they do or they don’t want homeowners to get a decent grip on the truth and what’s best for their foundation walls and basement

scroll down a tad to, Basement Wall Failures

the ‘temporary bracing’ etc

what’s missing and apparently many don’t understand or don’t wanna tell you is, these bowed in walls have existing exterior cracks man! So whether you install some interior bracing or not, the pressure is on, against the exterior AND, leaving these EXT cracks OPEN conintues to allow water to enter, fuher weakening the damn wall, as in short video here…
BOWED IN WALL!!! What do you see? And the bracing, the wall anchors that were installed costing $$$$ did what, CAUSED what? lol omg truly unreal yet they keep yapping and try n make Bubba Milk the villain

Donan Engineers, basement wall failures, “We have found that some walls fail after a hard rainstorm but particularly after a sustained drought (swell then shrink, the SOIL!). Typically the failure is not from hydrostatic pressure but from the soil re-expanding…”

“In simple terms, a basement wall fails when the pressure of the soil exceeds the lateral strength of the wall”

so as in the video and other videos i’ve posted where the INT system CONS bs’d homeowners, they didn’t relieve, remove ANY of the exterior pressure acting upon the wall!

and they didn’t waterproof any of the existing exterior cracks in these walls!!!

wake up, yeah sure, i’m just like Danny boy, pffffffffffffffffffffft truly unreal crap

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