Home inspector says leaky basement CAUSE is.......... lollll

… negative grading, clogged gutters and downspout not extended and imo without even being on site, he’s WRONG! hahaha yep, wrong, NOT helping your client, nope.

:25 fireplace area, HE says the water is coming through the clean out and i’m sure much of the water IS coming in through that but the stains on the blocks away from the clean out tell me there’s a good chance ‘some’ water is getting into blocks AWAY from clean out THROUGH the exterior of block wall AND some water is coming in several feet away from clean out UNDER basement window n so THAT area, water under window, the problem (s) will be either… EXT openings in-around the window itself and/or gaps in the sill or just under the sill and/or possibly an ext crack/cracked parging in that area AND where water is getting in fireplace area - there ARE ext openings that need to be correctly sealed/waterproofed etc.

Now, is there a negative grade as he says or clogged gutter? Probably is but THAT isn’t why/where/how water is allowed to get in, sheesh

In this video, the grade was RAISED almost UP-to the TOP of, lollolll, the basement window, homeowner continued to leak, WHY?
Because raising the grade, cleaning your gutters or adding a 55 mile long downspout extension does notkeep water off-of, away-from, the gaps etc you see in video!!! The gaps etc ARE the problems, NOT the grade etc

I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep our stupid gutters clear from crap n keep in good condition, not saying a negative grade is a wonderful thing, no chump heads.

Tell ya what, elect someone to go over to the house, leaky basement/fireplace in above video, lets say Robert… and you pay Robert to raise n slope the grade and add longer downspout ext and clear the dumb gutters, ok?

THEN, i’ll go over there and run a water test with a hose to recreate a longer rain, similar to what the HI apparently had the day he was there… and we will see who is right and who the is wrong, come on, lets put some money on this and make it fun.If you are a POOR fella, i recommend you do not bet on the negative grade bs, ya dig? I’ll find the actual problems verus grading, gutters does NOT find/identify squatola!

another video from home inspector, says he’s been doing this for 29 years lol… and he STILL doesn’t ‘get’ the need for exterior waterproofing, tuckpointing etc for his CLIENTS!!!

Hey man, spell the word again, E F F L O R E S C E N C E… sheesh can’t even get that right lol

HE says the efflorescence n mushrooms are a HUMIDITY problem lollll, NOT a chance the efflorescence isn’t from water/moisture penetration

see, the home inspector THINKS he is an expert on THIS subject when it clearly obvious he is not, he shouldn’t be hanging his dumb a out here making videos and talking crap but like Youngie from the north, they just can’t shut up on this subject, they just GOTTA TRY n come across as experts on this subject, idiotz

Will Robert say anything about HOMIE spelling? I mean after 29 years one would like to think the homie could at least spell the word!!!

Did the home inspector NOT refer the home owner to a competent licensed foundation contractor for evaluation and repair OR did he try and prescribe exactly what needed to be repaired and how?

you tell us Dan, did he?

I’m not there, you are. You tell us Mark