Home inspector tech discount code

Is there a discount code for home inspector tech software?


What do you mean by “tech” software?

home inspector tech is a home inspection software. https://homeinspectortech.com/

Never heard of it.

great software, the reports are beautiful

Post a sample. Many on the forum are looking for new software due to recent “developments.”


There’s many on the website. I just scanned a couple.
I’m not impressed. In fact, you may find them interesting.

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This is a link to 8 different layout samples. Report Sample | Home Inspection Software and back office solutions (homeinspectortech.com) I’m currently using report host, and the realtors that handle the 2+ million dollar homes don’t like the look of the report host report. They say it looks really cheap and showed me several that he has from these guy’s. Had a great 2 hour one on one training with a real person. They have a real support team, and are always making improvements. I spent months trying several, and decided to go with these guy’s.

It looks like dozens of others.

And like many of those it has questionable or incorrect canned comments.

Here are two from the only sample I looked at.

comment title: Garage Ceiling (Inadequate Drywall/Fire rating)
comment text: The garage ceilings with finished space above them was 5/8 and is not the correct type/size of fire rated drywall. 1/2 inch drywall should be installed to prove the proper twenty minute fire rating. The Inspector recommends that the affected area(s) is evaluated, replaced or repaired, as needed, by a professional drywall contractor.

comment title: Mechanical reverse inoperable
comment text: The auto reverse was is inoperable or does not go back up with a decent amount of pressure. This is safety concern that needs to be repaired.

Ahit, I’m sure you have heard of them

those canned comments could be the canned comments from that particular inspector and not what they offer. They also import your templates from several other software’s

I’ve heard nothing but gripes about that software…here on this board…


HIT and AHIT are NOT the same!

Kinda reminds me of Spectora… designed for Realtors… not so much the Clients!

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It does have a slightly Spectora look and feel. I strongly disagree with your opinion of Spectora’s design goal. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s not opinion, it’s fact!
When Kevin was in the development stage, he spent a lot of time on a particular Home Warranty/Recall Warranty vendors message board, prying inspectors for information on what they wanted from the software, and making it ‘Realtor Focused’ was at the top of the list! Don’t believe me? Ask him (Kevin). Let’s see how honest he really is.
I don’t have the link to the MB anymore. I was only there to spy from time to time like his cult members (still do to this day) on this MB. We don’t see them very often anymore, but we do see them. With the increased popularity of Facebook, they tend to huddle around in their own private group behind closet doors.

Edit: Found the link to the mentioned Forum/MB… Good luck digging anything out of archives. Home Inspection and Real Estate Forum for Home Inspectors and Real Estate Professionals

I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that makes it agent focused as opposed to client focused. It does have a handy built-in tool that makes it really easy for agents to create a repair addendum. A full 3/4 of my inspections the agent never even views the report (I am notified of who and when anyone accesses the report).

Any report should be “reader” focused. That means easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to understand. This is true whether the reader is the client or the agent in my opinion.

I really do not like the look of those reports, Looks almost exactly like spectora, which I don’t like either.
Very plain, looks just like old school black and white printed reports from 20 years ago.
Check out HIP has a internachi discount and Way better looking reports. With desktop version its a one time fee. no monthly fees ever.

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