Home inspector who says he/they repair basement cracks and leaks hmmm

Duh, conflict of interest.
Here’s his you tune video, several Bozo incompetent claims, i’ll hit a couple

5:00 mark… he says there’s new technology now (? now huh) to fix those horizontal cracks (block walls)… wall anchors inside!! loollll

Hey Mr inspector, all due respect but your recommendations here will NOT ‘fix–repair’ the horizontal cracks you were just asked about!!!
Example---- short video, see the exterior vertical corner crack and the horizontal crack??? Doing ANYTHING from inside a basement (wall anchors, interior basement system) does NOT fix–repair these cracks! You MUST go outside and waterproof them in order to REPAIR them so that (duuuuuuuhhhh) further water doesn’t enter which can cause mold, efflorescence on the interior of basement wall that you want to COVER up/over.
Exterior vertical and horizontal crack which is where the water enters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK6PW6AyHig

And oh, by the way Mr inspector, the same house just had an interior basement drainage system installed prior to us being called to FIND, and then correctly FIX, the actual problems!
Video of the incompetent interior basement drainage system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owwskmlN388

Here is a website of the HI above, ACISS home and commercial inspections
…“repairs basement cracks and leaks” looollll

It’s obvious to me this guy wants to ‘supposedly fix’ any leaky basement on/from the inside, duuuh.

Back to his you tube video and (ahhhemmm!!) recommendations.
At the 7:50 mark, question, How do we keep water out?
His answer in part, …"we now have NEW technology loooooooooooool, we have what is called an interior weeping tile system, cut the floor etc and them put a membrane against the interior wall(s).

Then at the 8:50 mark, he’s asked, how much CHEAPER is that (interior system) than excavating?
His answer… “You need to budget about $5,000 PER WALL”… looolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Either incompetence and–or, scammmmmmmmmm, lies… same shtt different day, different dingbat!

$5,000 PER WALL for an interior basement drainage system!!@#@!@!!!@ hahaaaa
And THAT $5,000 is… cheaper than exterior waterproofing huh? Not around here Mr inspector.
He says that, $5,000 because he/they want even MORE money these days for their bllshttt interior system and–or is making another disparaging claim on exterior waterproofing, make people think it’s always cheaper etc to install an interior moron system.

Say again, for the millionth time, these types do not ‘get it’ or, are just doing these videos/articles to blllshttt as many people as possible.
They want to install a MEMBRANE on the interior of basement wall(s), know why??
Watch this video… mold etc on the interior basement wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HALcgt9ho2M
These misfits want to HIDE, want to cover the wall so you don’t see mold or efflorescence or the water coming in or cracks widening etc
The video above with the mold etc on the interior wall… this next video is 1 of several I took of the actual problems on the outside and was right where the homeowner was getting water in. Interior basement drainage systems don’t fix/repair any of these exterior problems that will only get worse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ne4c_2KrLo

Hey ACISS inspector, the last 2 videos we waterproofed 30’… COST $2,475 (because it was only 4 1/2’ ish deep)
When they are about 6’ deep, 30’ would cost approx. $3,200-3,300 hand dug, one day job, backfilled with all gravel and very little damage to the stupid grass, bushes etc
That footage is equivalent to many basement walls that you say cost $5,000 PER WALL to have an interior basement system installed YET, he says exterior waterproofing/excavation costs more… yeah sure whatever these dorks claim just has to be true