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Has a few errors, but not bad.

What errors?

Pretty good article.
Rueben Saltzman is a local guy and very popular. He also does a column for the Start Tribune in Mpls.

Three big associations? One association listed in that category has less than 300 due-paying members.

These magazines don’t check the veracity of their sources. They just publish the articles.
I could have told them I was president of the Mpls Internachi chapter and they would have likely published that.

How do they operate with only 300 members?

An 18 page website with no course approvals, no marketing programs and no benefits. Their 2nd membership benefit listed right on their benefits page is “coming soon.” I’m not kidding you. The rest is fluff.

It would be like referring to Barbados as a world superpower. Absurd.

Reuben rocks! His blogs are top notch

The only one I don’t agree with is #15, other than that, it’s pretty much spot on.
Again, what errors are you referring to?

What the hell does this mean??

“NAHI does not endorse any training programs; the programs listed below are offered by NAHI Affiliate members. Please contact each company for more detailed information. NAHI does not approve or accept “certification” by any of these companies, but the following programs do fulfill the 40-hour training requirement for NAHI Associate Membership”

LOL. And they list that as a membership benefit! It’s no wonder that their entire association is no bigger than my local InterNACHI chapter.

Size never matters. Here in Kansas, an association that was said to have over 250 members pressed HI laws into play. It only took a handful to get them out. Right will always win in the long term, no matter how many people spin it.

#5: Pictures are not necessary in reports. Do not quote costs. Uncle Bob will be cheaper than a licensed professional.

#9: I encourage my clients to ask questions at any time. If you don’t, that’s rude.

#20: It makes no difference what association an inspector belongs to. There are always good, and not so good.

#21: It is never necessary to walk on roofs. You can damage them.

#22: makes no sense.

#25: If the seller is there, just leave the inspection, go to a local restaurant and discuss the inspection outcome. I have done this dozens of times.

All, IMO of course.