Home Inspectors Unite!

If you are a Home Inspector and you are not standing up here to oppose the people that want to take your license from you, then you deserve what you get.
Wake up !
The GCs here have something to gain and nothing to lose by supporting the repeal of your license.
If the Home Inspector license gets repealed then you won’t be able to offer wind mits as one of the services you provide. GCs will be able to do them. Then as a matter of convenience for the insurance agent he will use the same GC that took your wind mit business to do his roof certs. And four points.
Of course the GCs here support the repeal of your license - they are trying to take part of your business and income!
It is time the Home Inspectors stand up for themselves and their industry.

Don’t let the General Contractors dictate the direction of your business !!!
Write your congressman, call Tallahassee, do what takes!

A smart man once said the following:
This was not my wisdom.

If I had nothing to offer a client except a piece of paper that made me try to justify my knowledge and experience then I might see it your way.

It also is very questionable why a person rags a profession that they do not qualify for. In the words of an esteemed collegue, it would be much more justifyable to degrade a license that you can actually qualify for rather than one you cannot qualify for…

Your actions, quotes and banter against Genral Contractors makes me wonder why you feel they are so superior to you? Why are you afraid of them? Your afraid you “profession” is going away? How can your “profession” go away after is has been present all these years? John Shishilla, Dennis Bonner, Dennis Quigly, Preston Halstead all are General Contractors and are people who want to do HOME INSPECTIONS or INSPECTIONS in general. They don’t want to repair anything.

Know why they will be better than most inspectors? They LIVE and DIE by customer satisfaction. They learn to DEAL with people and strive on customer service and are used to putting out fires on a daily basis. On the other hand most other people who enter the inspection inudstry may not have of dealt with clients on such a basis and are poor at people skills. 100% knowledge without people skills will equal poor income…Partial knowledge with great people skills can lead to a successful business.

Tom that license will not bring you more business and in one simple question tell me ONE thing you offer your competition doesn’t? JUST ONE…If you have no answer, then it will be a matter of a short period of time that you will fall to the wayside…

Comprehensive Building Consultants

Do you know what else he said that was brilliant?


The reason they are making a statement is because there NOW is a license. Take the license away and all things go back to the way they were.

I can do Radons legally…I have a state license. Is that an unfair advantage? I wanted to do it, I got the useless license.

I wanted to do Termite Inspections - I got the useless termite inspectors card.

I wanted to do Mold - I got that useless license.

The only unfair advantage a contractor has over you is the one have religuished to him in your BRAIN.

Let me ask you this. I do not know for sure, but I think I do more than a typical inspector in my area. How is that? I am not a contractor and NEVER have been a contractor…EVER…With your philosphy, I should never be where I am at now. How did it happen?

There is a guy named Doug Wall in my area. He is not a contractor, yet he does a TON of mold and Radon inspections? How is that? With your philosphy it is impossible!

Its called MARKETING and a level of service that is desired and people are willing to pay for.

So let me ask you these two questions. How did Home Inspectors survive when their was no license? Contractors could do whatever they wanted. So if what you say is fact, there should have never been a Home Inspector in Florida.

#2 How did 2 companies get more their market share all these years without ever having the contractors license. I mean with your mentality they should of had NONE the work.

You want this ever so popular seat at this ever so fascinating “Table”. Look at it this way…this table is at the Ritz Carlton restaurant…You and your two other buddies Rosy the Realtor and Carl the Contractor are present. When it comes time to order, you are all on seperate bills. Rosy and Carl have $500 to spend on the meal and you have $1. Who is going to get EXACTLY what they want to eat from the menu? A seat means nothing without influence and power. We have NONE of these…Have fun at the table…I want to get rid of the whole restuarant…

Comprehensive Building Consultants

Dyslexic Inspectors… Untie! :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO…How is Mr. Kaos today?

Sorry I had to quote you Russ but your words were worth repeating.

They are out there for the world to see…do as you wish…



Another guy who gets it…anymore

thanx mr miller… although your vote is appreciated your profile says you are from Indiana.

I would hate to be accused of importing non residents to our debate.

John is a Florida resident.
I spoke with him recently and he is from Deland Florida.
He seems like a nice guy even if he is on the wrong side of this debate. :slight_smile:

If that is the case…Welcome John and come on in, a friend of Meekers is a friend of mine.

Please don’t worry, for you can BULL **** your way into any license you want. No one cares. Get a GC, Mech, Plbg, Bldg, or just a f****** ******* license for

The system is broken, we need to start over

I am not from Indiana / I have never been there so if someone could tell me how to fix that I would be much obliged.
I am John W. Miller. Proud owner operator of PRP Home Inspections in DeLand, Volusia county, Central Florida.I have built my business on Professionalism, integrity and customer service. I am not afraid of contractors nor do I care to become one. This is not to say that I couldn’t pass the GC test if I wanted to.
Do you want to know what deregulation of an industry will get you?
Have you flown lately?
The airlines overcharge you, then they frisk you like a criminal, then they are late picking you up and then they lose your luggage. This is what deregulation will get you.
I would prefer to keep my Home Inspector License Thank you. And to all that support the repeal of the license for a self serving reasons - SHAME ON YOU!
If you don’t support the Home Inspection Industry then why do you belong to the International Association of Certified HOME INSPECTORS?

Its technically not even enforceable…LMAO…Deregulation…we don’t even have an SOP…Are you serious?

Thank you Mike Meeker for your kind words, ( even though you my friend are on the wrong side)
Yes Russell I am serious.
I agree we nead a SOP in place ASAP.
That doesn’t mean you should scrap licensing. It just means we need a SOP.

John, click on your name than control panel to edit your profile…top right corner