Repeal or Not, When Egos Rule the Answer is Academic

Pass or not, this whole Florida licensure thing has become a real pile! :—)

Skippy or Shirt, it depends on your point of view.

Perception is everything,
Unfortunately, instead of real constructive ideas the egotists of both sides offer little more than smelly piles of crap. It’s no wonder the legislators don’t have a clue, as fractured as we are, we haven’t been much help.

I’m going sailing:

Bruce Gregory
Florida Home Inspector 1167
Florida Mold Assessor 450
InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503

Chaos… The fabric of the universe, resistance is futile. :smiley:

And what is your solution Bruce?

I dont think there is one Russ, I will continue to do what I have done for about 10 years with home inspections… This industry is so divided it is sad.


Exactly my point. Nothing changes from before, its business as usual. With no worries that FREC or the contractors board is conjuring up some ideas to increase their exposure and to limit our process.

It will be the same as it always has and I like that. So now what? What it has always been, the creame rises to the top as with any profession and those people will be allowed to run their business in a professional manner without interfering from the goverment.

I never once bragged about being licensed or even gave it any credibility because it was NOT a credential. It was a piece of paper that you got with a day or two to waste and a test that almost ANYONE could pass.

I talked down about the licensing and actually told people how simple it was to get one. For those who hung their future on the possession of a license. Might want to rethink that and consider a true and meaningful marketing campaign.

Look at the bright side…not many will be able to say they were a “licensed Florida Home Inspector”, or at least I hope so…

Don’t be sad… It’s our differences which help keep us free! :smiley:

It is not a good day for people wanting to take a shortcut to legitimacy…but it is a historic day — and hopefully the first dominoe to fall — for home inspectors throughout the country as we move to reclaim our profession from real estate salesmen and others who bought it out from under us with their PAC money.

If there is another law in Florida…let it be one that was written by, introduced by, and lobbied for by home inspectors and NOT those who want to be home inspectors or who want to profit from them.

Joe I am not sad, I am sad to see what happens to this industry time and time again.

Repeal or Not, When Egos Rule the Answer is Academic
Pass or not, this whole Florida licensure thing has become a real pile! :—)

The New LOGO of Florida DBPR!!Always looking after you!!!


Re-write the law ourselves, include tough standards and an Inspector Board. Present it when the time is right. We must have all organizations agree with it. If we do not someone else will.

Lay off more firemen, policemen and school teachers to pay for a home inspector board. Hhmmmmm. Interesting.

You are fuc-ing crazy.
Why can you not see it can and will get messed up again.

You will still be able to find guys to work for you do not worry.

No matter what is put in place once it is in place the State can and will change it at will.

No matter how the law is written it will suck and will cost us time and money. Even if it is written to help us it will then be used to screw us and cost us time and money.

Will someone please explain this principle to John.

Doing the same thing again is asinine. wake up.

Those who are new to this process have not yet learned that they can personally write the bill…and have themselves declared the Emporer of Florida home inspections…set the bar at any level they want…make all of the rules that they think it should have…and then, after it comes out of committee and reaches the floor for a vote, not recognize it.

You can dine on the finest foods at the finest restaraunts in Florida, but when it comes out in the end…it looks and smells like crap.

Keep control over your own business and don’t turn it over to a body of politicians who are lucky to find their own way home…and know nothing about inspecting someone else’s.

yes, yes, yes
Repeal, Repeal, Repeal

Sorry Russell, you’ll not get me into this foray, I’ll keep my opinions to myself thank your very much.

Besides, I’m busy on a project Meeker sent me on,

and after I that, I think I’m going sailing.

Bruce Gregory
Florida Home Inspector 1167
Florida Mold Assessor 450
InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503

The choice will be to have someone else write it. It will be back, you can think you can always beat it down and when you are not ready it will come back. It is like a Meeker, annoying and relentless. :slight_smile:

Man John Thats An Under Statement…

Say hello to John and Manny while you are up there.

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but you did post repeal 2500 times