Should Licensing be Repealed?

There is a big push in Tallahassee to repeal licensing for Home and Mold inspectors. Please vote and let us know what direction the members want us to go in.

Thank you

Please note this is not a secret vote.
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I think all votes should be in secret .

Roy Cooke

It is unbelievable to here this. Let’s repeal all licenses GC, Architects, Engineers, and so on. It is obvious that licensing solves nothing but this is ridiculous.

It is made public so that we don’t have others that are not from Florida voting.

There are many members who are not from Florida that like to tell us how we should do things.

There is a committee that is reviewing 43 categories of licensing for repeal with contractors being one of them. As I understand it their first meeting is within the next week.

You can thank our new Governor.

Here is something I never thought I’d say… Thank you Governor Scott. :smiley:

Hello Greg,

Man!!! I think licensing at least sets the minimum standards just like the building code. I would not have an operation from a doctor who is not licensed and or board certified! I don’t think anybody would?

Just a thought… If licensing is repealed… what type of “other license” would home inspectors have that would allow them to sign off on Wind Mitigation inspections? Do you think that the repeal of this law could lead to inspectors not being allowed to do certain types of inspections?

a good idea then is to tell all why the names are listed .

Thanks for the explanation … Roy

UH oh…someone is keeping their eye on the ball. Excellent point! WHO is pushing for repeal? Could it be those who started this whole mess three or more years ago and they did not get what they wanted. I mentioned in an earlier post that what is to prevent these same nefarious individuals from waiting a few years then coming at it again to get what they want. I admit on the surface, repealing it is a lot more attractive than what they are currently doing; piecing together an unholy mess that no one wants or understands. This thing is beginning to look like the US Tax Codes. Between that and all the associations popping up it has gotten more confusing by the day.

Try this. We all know that there will be over 3000 licensed HI in the next few months. We also know that most of them will not survive and therefore not renew. So the wheat will be seperated from the chaff. After that it will be a “little” bit harder to get the license which will help keep the numbers down. So in the long haul it “might” be beneficial.

Hi Manny,

I don’t disagree with you and I do respect your opinion.

But lets take a look at where we are at now.

IMHO the state has put the cart in front of the horse. There is no SOP or code of ethics and it will be at least another year before we have one. The legislature has proven that they have no idea of what we do or how we operate. The current law allows practices that have been forbidden by every major association for over 30 years.

The state has allowed anyone with $239 and a weekend exam prep class to become a licensed home inspector. We are going to have over 3000 licensed home inspectors before this is all over. I bet that at least half of them have never performed a home inspection or had any formal training.

Home inspectors are not organized and probably never will be given the current attitude of the people that are willing to get involved. This is not about being right or wrong it is only about the money. Tallahassee is all about money and we have the smallest bank account out of all of the groups that are going to try and control us through legislation.

These are just my personal opinions and do not reflect the stance that NACHI or what the chapter will present.


We will lose the ability to perform insurance inspections. We will have to go back to the way it was before licensing. But in reality we have already lost that revenue stream. The price of these inspections will continue to fall with the number of licensed people that are able to perform them. We will always have the Meekers driving down the price.

I guess that I will just have to go to work for you.

A HUGE part of the problem with that is that many phone calls now start with “Can you do the wind mitigation and or the four point at the same time” I want someone who can do it all. The customers are getting this from their Realtors who haven’t thought it through. Why pay for an additional insurance inspection on a house you may not want once the home inspection is completed? Trying to explain it them is like talking to my cat; same look, same attitude, same contempt.:wink:

Oh yeah, and they want it really cheap or free because that is what the a-holes are doing to get the jobs in the first place.

Hey Doug

If we had all only been smart enough to listen to you guys from the panhandle before we might not be where we are today.

That is so true. I have a feeling that it is only going to get worse over the next year.

We will not lose the ability to perform four points since we could do them even before we were licensed. But we will lose the wind mits and the roof certifications.

If we had a unified system in place with Q/A, blanket E/O, regular training, uniform protocol, and proven track record, then our members could be pre-approved for any iinsurance inspection irregardless of license or not. Just like the four points

Sounds like a good plan if needed.

Licensing, should be enforce, here are my reasons, I agree it doesn’t matter or set any standards of any. I will say this “in the public eye it is an edge to say your profession is regulated.” I started in this business when I was seven years old running wire with my Dad. He was a license Electrician, License Plumber, and a Building Contractor a remarkable man who was greatly Loved by All. I myself have a extensive background in this business and it hurts to see someone come into this field by taking a test and all of a sudden he or she is a Home Inspector. The Licensing Board failed when giving out these license without experience which makes this license worthless except for the fact they are making money on this program. At least anyone applying for a license should of had at least three years experience and prove it with occupational tax certificates to prove you are in this business. Forty two years of working in this business and I’m sad when I see this happening how people who did not earn the right to be license get license.

Totally Agree.

Keep licensing for professional home inspectors, but scrap the mold license (and any other thought of licensing ancillary services a home inspector should be trained and qualified to perform). Push to link CE requirements for ancillary services instead. Work to improve the caliber of home inspectors with a solid SOP, COE, education …even a standard Four Point Form…all the stuff NACHI is already doing : )

Once ancillary licenses start, special interests and ‘non home inspectors’ will attempt to leverage others out, as history has proven. They will advertise and give the ancillary services away for free to lock out the home inspector.

Recommend you add another choice to your poll, “keep home inspector licensing, but scrap licenses for ancillary inspection services (like mold, insurance, energy audits, radon, septic, etc).”

Thank you very much for your work to improve the profession.

The way i see it, the inspection license is much like a real estate license, you will have plenty of schools making a killing off of a lot of poor souls who think it is the path to riches. A lot of people get licensed every year, and most never renew, because they didn’t make any money. I think the standards were set to low, and the regulations need to be tightened, but at least its a start.
Michelle is right without that license, wind mits are done for a lot of members, and it wont be too long before 4 points go the same way.