Home Inspectors, where are they?

As the last few days have passed I have read more about legislation then I ever have. Talked to so very educated people. Talked to two attorneys at DBPR and Rick Morrison.

I was able to get the recorded meeting from the last sit down. HOLY crap are we getting steam rolled. I don’t think SINGLE inspector was there talkin on our behalf.

They wanted just about ANYONE to automatically be a home inspector. Our lack of representation from the members makes me feel horrible (me included).

Please please please get involved at whatever level an do whatever you believe in. Find people of similar mind set and talk amongst yourself and then find out how you can help.

I have listen to 30 minutes of the meeting and we are getting screwed over big time. Not a SINGLE representative from our insutry speaking for us. No wonder the law sucks, they are listening to what they ae told, and its NOT HOME INSPECTOR and they defintelty do not have our best interest in heart.

I urge you to sit down, and get involved…PLEASE!!!

Is this available for all to hear?

Russell didn’t you sell your business? Are you sill going to be in the business after the sale and such is TOTALLY complete?

Just wondering?

Mr Hensel, are you asking for the same inspectors who you belittled and drove off because they had a different view or idea than you to come back ? Good luck with that

The sky is falling and I want to be the king. :wink:

Can’t the Secret Home Inspectors Society straighten out this mess? Call your used house salesmen friends, drop to your knees and slurp away. Call Nate, isn’t he here to help home inspectors???

Wtf are you talking about?

Your right, do nothing. Smart move. Way to get back at me.

Distinguished Home Inspectors in Tights (DHIT).

Wow, what a bunch of clowns. The rug is about to get pulled out from you guys and instead of working togeather your still pissing on each other, or saying I told you so about the licensing thing (Meeker)
Water is already under the bridge. Seems like Russ is one of the few trying.
Looks like you better pull your heads out of your butts or learn to say the phrase “Do you want fries with that?”


The licensing ‘clowns’ made their bed… Now their gonna have to sleep in it. :wink:

This place ain’t safe.

Pretty easy to see why these guys are about to lose their jobs .
Not sure they can work at McDonalds either if they are a few fries short of a happy meal.

I agree 100% at this point Russell seems to be one of the few with any brains down there.
The Alzheimer’s from all the old folks down there must be contagious.
Actually laughing at some of as- clown comments that remind me of Nero fiddling as Rome burns.

About to lose way to make a living but lets just knock the messenger…

My laughing is turning to disgust as I type as I decide to put this thread on alert to see who all the mental midgets really are down south.

They don’t get it. Don’t waste your time. There is a group of us working together even if they do not post here much.

I know your not one of the idiots
but sure are a few posting here so far.

When some of us offered our help in the past, we were told to go pound sand, and that those involved had been at this a long time, and we didn’t know ****. Now that the tree has fallen you want every one to gather around and stand it up again. There are not enough inspectors involved that can make a difference now. When this all started the ones involved could not compromise or even agree on anything, you settled for what the state gave you. Now the contractors have deciced to take it away from the HIs. If you are not a contractor with a HI license “like John” you will loose. It is a shame., it is my industry too. If some people were so dam smart, they would have accepted other members to join in the fight a long time ago. It’s not placing blame ,its the way it is.

So true.

Frankly, it is pure idiocy to believe that inspectors can benefit once they turn their profession over to be governed by a state agency without FIRST ensuring that they had the proper infrastructure in place with which to be able to influence all future decisions regarding it.

This “after-the-fact” scrambling to try to turn chicken sh it into chicken salad at the last minute … even if by some miracle it works … will be right back to square one with the next legislative session, and the one after that and so on.

Those who wish to control Florida inspectors are much better funded and organized and will eventually prevail.

Then do nothing…but don’t complain. I think that is fair. Can you not google Florida statues? Can you not go to DBPR on the Internet? Can you not read? So it sucks and it’s everyone else’s fault. Go figure, the law sucks, the inspection industry sucks and it’s everyone else fault because they did not fix it for you. Go figure.

Who told you to pound sand? Did we tell you that or were you not coddled enough and have a supple breast to make you feel comfortable?

So now it’s too late? Would you like to place a wager on that? So now that it is written nothing can be done? We will wait and see how the power of a few with cohesive efforts can make a difference.

Nothing can be done, I give up. Please give up. I placed every single day to PM me and I will fill you in. Bert, Bob, Aubry, Laverne, Larry, Nathan, Preston, John, Eric, just to name some of them asked how could they help and they did help…what were the results? Wait and see…

None of this would have been possible without the vision and leadership of Steve Taylor. I lead nothing and took orders and did what I was told. Yes, he even told me to eat poo when I was wrong and I did so gladly for the profession.

The leadership in Tallahassee and the DBPR is much more effective, kind and professional than I ever thought imaginable from a government agency. Kathleen the attorney, the sweetest Marjorie another attorney and of course Rick Morrison himself called and we chatted a bit,

All of them helped out and were super during this process. How do I know? I got involved. How did I get emails and conversations with them? I got involved…

I also can sit with a defeated attitude and that is exactly what they want. But in their defense, when only certain people are talking they only have one view. It’s not their fault, it’s mine, yours and anyone else who thinks it sucks and did nothing…but i will never sit defeated, I am going out swinging every time…even in the face of defeat…

Please if you want to do nothing and complain, then please do so. It’s your life, your choice and your livelihood…do nothing about it.


It is amazing what can be accomplished when just a few work together. Imagine if we all did.

“Ignore the Noise”

That will N-E-V-E-R happen, never. :roll:


Fox News believes people should pull their heads out of their collective asses…

Poll shows 29 percent of voters think ‘armed revolution’ might be needed