Home Insurance Inspections

I live next to Yosemite NTL PK and located inside are several 2nd home rentals. I was asked today if I do home inspections for insurance companies to renew their contracts? To me this seems like a normal home inspection, or do I need to do something different for these types of inspections?

typically they are different and the Ins company usually has a sample form…find out the company and call and ask them for it or search their website.

Big time different than a home inspection. Give ONLY the info they ask for

Best advice I have ever heard about insurance inspections. Shame many in Florida just don’t get it :smiley:

It’ll typically pay less than $30, but it’ll take less than 10 minutes…

I agree they are usually short and sweet. Up there you might get some what are called high value inspections and those take more time and pay more.

Did I read correctly that the average fee for a insurance inspection is $30.00? Doesn’t seem worth it if you figure in drive time and fuel cost. Met an insurance broker last night who said he would like to discuss doing business together but not sure what to charge?

Not around here but close. Damn near anyone who has a drivers license around here qualifies to do them now :frowning:

I did these about 10 years ago and made $17.50 per house. I could do 30-40 a day. Totally worth it

you have to do a bunch in a day, plus figure in if you need to go inside or not. I was doing them (not any more) but the outside only (no appointment required, no call required) you can do many in a day if you plan wisely, those paid me $19. If you need to do interiors they pay more like $29, but you need to call and get an appointment for those you can only do about 16-18 in a day. Plus you need to call all of them…

The interior ones were too much of a pain because of the calls and appointments but the exterior only are nice because you just fit them between other inspections. IMO