Insurance property inspections

I was wanting some advise on Insurance property inspections and wondering if there is any money in doing them. Also, do you have to go through a sub contracting agency and who would it be in MS and AL. Such as Allstate, State farm, Farm Bureau, Nationwide.

Hi Donnie,

I worked for a couple third parties some years ago. They can offer volume, but what they paid for the time involved didn’t cover my expenses. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the information Walt and hope u had Merry Christmas

Up here they will pay (the third party) $20-30 ea. The less expensive ones are exterior only, some you need to call to make an appointment, lots of leg work, but you could make a few bucks. I used to do them, but it became not cost effective as it cut into my comprehensive inspections as that part of my business grew, so I stopped doing them.

I had my 3rd call in 6 months from 3 different outfits to do them. $7.00 to $25.00 each. I had to take 15 pictures minimum, caption all the photos, fill in a checkbox sheet.

One company wanted me to measure the height of the lawn which included holding a ruler up against the blades of grass on all 4 sides of the property.

In all seriousness I would have to take the call, drive out, do the photos ect. It would have paid me about $2- 8 an hour. I can’t see how they get anyone for those fees? All my calls came from a site I signed up on called SOFI.