Patent rights for infrared held by HomeSafe inspection

Just got a letter from Home Safe Inspection, PO Box 1113, Oxford Mississippi 38655 wanting $79.00 monthly from me because they claim to own the patent rights with the University of Mississippi on infrared technology in the inspection of homes. I am suppose to contact Kevin Seddon at 866-327-7233 to obtain proper permission to continue within the next two weeks. Patent #s 7369955, 7385483, 7434990, 7271706 and 7429928

He can kiss my *****. I do not even own an infrared camera.

I noticed his website claims he can see through walls. Boy, that could come back to bite him in the arse.

Just one more IR “expert” making a claim without any preparation to back it up.

Oh yeah. Well I wear shoes or boots during my inspections. I’m gonna patent that so nobody else doing home inspections in the whole wide world will be able to wear shoes or boots while performing a home inspections unless they pay me $69.69. Sheesh…:shock:

What a wack job.

I can see it now.
Nick is going to claim to own the rights to home inspections, and require ASHI inspectors to pay him $39.00 per inspection or join NACHO :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’ll take the flashlight and screwdriver patent, please.
Oh yeah, digital photos too.

I thought he already did. :shock:



[quote=US patent office]

**United States Patent ****[,369,955.PN.&OS=PN/7,369,955&RS=PN/7,369,955](“,369,955.PN.&OS=PN/7,369,955&RS=PN/7,369,955#h2”)

Perhaps one of our members, Darren Finch can help you.

"Darren Finch is a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) and the International Code Council (ICC). "

How about an improvement patent for using COLOR IR images…


I am going to pentent the hammer and nail… LOL.

John I already did it some years back. You’ll have to pick something else :slight_smile:

I’ll pick the wheel. bet I could make some money there.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll patent using your eyes. Can’t get to the inspection on your wheel without them.:mrgreen:

True dat. But that’s o.k. with the money I would make off the wheels, I would just hire a bunch of inspectors to do it for me.:mrgreen::mrgreen:


Just for grins and giggles you should send the email to FLIR, FLUKE, Infraspection Institute, Snell Infrared and any other company offering training and/or selling IR cameras. I am sure they will get a laugh out of it!

Brilliant! Maybe GM can use this ruse to generate an extra $25B. After all, we do use some of their vehicles while traveling to and from Nicks RealtyTrack foreclosure inspections…

I know I’m easily confused (Mr. Beaumont and Mr. Graham there is no need to add to that comment) but they say an IR camera can see though walls later on the same page they say they can’t! What the hell one is it](*,)

Anyway I now own the word “Inspection” so if you call send your checks to me within the next 48 hours please. I know times are hard so I will only charge you all $50.00 for every inspection you have carried out.

Have this joker send me a letter, from his lawyer, and I will foreward it to my lawyer and settle this crap.

Initial comment? No freakin’ way. You can patent an device or a process, but not an application.

Hope this helps;

Somehow, there are patents on file. not necessarily for what they claim on their website, but patents nonetheless. I believe the first "process’ they patented was 2003 or 2005.

I have a patent pending for “process for using smileys on home inspection message boards”. Simply forward $.10 every time you use one of these :p:roll::mrgreen: