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I know this has been hammered a ton and I hate to kick a dead horse, but we are all aware of the price hike and data mining that HG has opted towards. You can justify the pricing hike possibly, but the hindrance they are placing on my clients is just unacceptable to me, and I’m looking for an alternative software that provides web-based inspection reports.

The forums are riddled with several topics on this, but it’s hard to find someone who actually provides named software as a good alternative to the look, feel, and ease of HG (ease is a thing of the past if you have to sell your soul to access the report IMO…I digress)

So does anyone have a solid solution? A software that allows PC compiling (I’m looking at you Inspector Nexus), web/cloud based reports, repair lists for clients, etc. Have heard good things about Spectacular, but before I test drive several different software options, a nudge in the right direction would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance

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Inspector Nexus was developed by a widely respected inspector Jeff Pope and I would go that direction if I was to get back into inspecting, myself.

Jeff will give you free reports to try out his software. Tell him I said to contact him.

Although, I have no experience with Spectacular.


Welcome to our forum, Patrick!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Thank you for the response Larry!

I do enjoy Inspector Nexus but I did not like how I couldn’t compile or edit the report from a PC. It was all app based, which was my only complaint honestly.

Talk to Jeff about it, Patrick. He will be able to help you out.

Hey Patrick, I feel your pain. After much digging I went moved to Scribeware as have many HG users. The guys have taken care getting us going. I find it very similar to HG but much improved. I even printed their logo for my desktop. https://getscribeware.com/


Look at Home Inspector Pro, you compile data on your handheld device and complete on a PC or Mac. You also own the software. They have a back office program too that is modeled after ISN.(We use ISN). Dominic has a conversion for Home Gauge too, so you can covert much of your data and templates.

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Horizon Software, all online and mobile app 2

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You need to look at Spectora. I switched over a year ago and absolutely love it. In the field it’s all on my phone and I review it on my laptop before I send out report.


I, also, recommend Spectora. I’ve been using it for almost 4 years now and don’t have too many complaints about the software. Reports are written with a phone or tablet app. You can get easily edit the report on your deck top, laptop, phone, or tablet. At this point I doubt I would ever change softwares.


I use Spectora as well. I chose it because it was all-inclusive of almost everything needed for the back office administrative stuff and it also produces a modern HTML-based report. Although you can also create PDF reports with it, I much prefer the HTML versions. The layout is easier on the eyes and makes more sense than the legacy PDF software reports, IMO.

That said, there is a learning curve. It has its quirks and minor issues like all the others. It is a premium offering and comes at a premium price, but inline with others that offer the same features. The tech support is incredible and they will also create/manage your website if you need that.


Time to earn that commi$$ion. :rofl:


After all of the hoopla concerning HomeGauge a month or so ago I am still using it, same as always, without any issues or negative feedback from clients or agents.

I use Companion and cloud services sending emails to view report in HTML format.

I do not use their scheduling or payment services, and never will, so I can’t comment on that.


I held out as long as possible, but they were threatening to bust my kneecaps. :flushed:


You can “opt out” of the information mining and “add - on” services they offer to the Client.

+1 for Scribeware, I tried nearly every software on the market that supports Texas inspectors and Scribeware checked all the boxes. Highly recommended for anyone wanting the best report experience.