HomeGuage vs. Home Inspector Pro Smackdown!

I’ve been a somewhat satisfied HG user for over a year now but I’m curious as to what others think since I’ve never used HIP. A small review of your current service would be much appreciated.

I’m going to start a free 3 month website trial with HIP as soon as I’m done typing this thread. It seems as if Dom offers a tremendous amount of website/SEO support and advice which would be very helpful.

The HG reports seems to be top notch in my opinion. The reports I generate look about as good as I could ever ask for from any software and the learning curve for HG was extremely easy.

It seems like HIP has a far advanced website builder and SEO support system which I may be missing out on. I’m actually considering doing my website stuff with HIP and continue my software reporting with HG.

Do any of you have any personal thoughts as to what’s worked best for you?

3D has worked the best for the past 9 years for me.


Dom is the best. I have 5 websites with him. He works 24/7. He’s got a new server and his new websites are awesome. I just started a new IR company and am building an IR website with Dom. He made adjustments for me this weekend. I’ve got HIP but haven’t had much free time to use it but the reviews by HIPpies are great.

You may feel more comfortable with one over the other but take a look at finished result for look, and ease of use, as that is what the clients will see.

If you are planning on going with HIP for sites then it makes sense to go in for the reports too “for the great support system”.

Doing a report right now but have the new Beta that has a few cool new features such as tabs turning color to remind you where you left off and a new drop down comment system.

Sorry but that website looks like crap

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Linus don’t you know that you want to hide your site so no one can find you? He has the best hide site that I have ever seen. That’s what makes him so different from other inspectors in his market.

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I think you 've got a good start Linas, looks great!

Header and footer graphics appear stretched out .
Not sure if that is a resolution issue.

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I have both products and they are both good. I think it really comes down to personal preference.