HIP Forum

I see there is a Home Gauge forum - why isn’t there one for HIP?

Because HIP has a thriving forum on their own website, and doesn’t have the need to piggyback the Nachi site for participants!



HG has been losing all their subscribers to HIP and has spent years trying to do a iPhone app so they are now in desperation mode to give the false impression they are the official software of NACHI… Lol.
Most guys are not as stupid as they hope however.
Ask Dom how many HG users he converted last week.

I’ve tried both and like HIP !!! Plus their support is AWESOME !!! Great product.

And I gave HG their one chance about 8 years ago. They had nothing impressive what-so-ever back then. Can’t believe they do now either.

Pay to play?

HomeGauge paid/pays us nothing. Their dedicated InterNACHI forum is responsible for almost doubling sales volume overnight.

Inspection reporting software companies hosting their own forums makes no sense for two reasons: First, they are preaching to the choir. I’ll bet nearly everyone on their own forums already bought their software. Second, their choir is small compared to InterNACHI’s. We have almost everyone in the industry on this message board… even students who are taking classroom courses somewhere else are here gathering information, education and marketing tools. Everyone is here. This is where it is all happening.

Some people are just cynical.

Believe what you want. Nicky does.

Really ?

Then how come they still have a forum of their own on their website which is not what you said would occur when you made the Pseudo 'Big Announcement".

Will you allow them to continue after going back on their word.

Why is not HIP allowed to have a forum section here ?

Don’t take my word for it. You are all businessmen. If you were Vice President of Sales for Dominic, what site would you want to host your forum? Check out Compete.com unique visitor statistics before you answer:


But you did not answer.

Did HG have an agreement to close their personal complaint forum on their website as a stipulation of your agreement to host their little personal blog here ?

If Dominic would agree to close down his forum, he’d have one tomorrow. It would come with many more times the traffic than he has now, a growing following of visitors, and a much more target-rich audience for his products/services. It’s a no-brainer.

Duh! :wink:

Good point.

As always, IMO Nick shines through as a marketing genius, because when all is said and done, it’s all about how much coin is going in the bank.

If I was a vendor in this industry, I’d happily pay Nick to have my name and own category on this MB.

On the other hand, I can understand Dom wanting to draw hits to his domain.

Although from my end - a Google search reveals HIP is #1 with HG a strong #2 under the generic results. home inspection software

The leverage InterNACHI’s popularity provides… benefits InterNACHI’s members.

Members learn about vendors’ products here first, they hear about new features here first, they get the best pricing here, they get the best customer service from these vendors because they are here. Members can also interact with existing users of a vendor’s products and services. And if a member has any issues with a vendor, the member can email me and I’ll make sure the vendor resolves it… and they do. And even when a member has a complaint with a vendor, a vendor’s product or a vendor’s service… voicing that complaint here helps that vendor improve. That helps both the vendor and the inspector alike. The vendor’s product or service improves and that improvement is to the benefit of the member.

The system works really well… for members.

Furthermore, as much as Dom and Russell would love to take customers from each other and get inspectors to switch… it almost never happens. Most reporting software sales are made to inspectors while they are still taking courses to become inspectors. And who administers 98% of all those courses? We had more than 1,100 people in our course system today. When was the last time you heard of a home inspection classroom course with 1,100 students in it? Never. Do you think Dom would want to address such a classroom if it existed? You know he would! Well… it does exist.

So you are saying Dom would have to close down his forum but Russell does not ?
HG forum is still there at HG is it not ?

Perhaps this explains why Ben oversells pushes it ] at his get together s.

Please explain why you give HIP different hoops to jump through.

Russell was supposed to close his forum down. Since most of his forum is patronized by happy HG users, it is to his benefit to push those happy HG users over to his dedicated HG forum on InterNACHI’s website… so that they can tell the world how great HG is.