Homeguage SEO service?

Anyone using homeguage for their SEO? Feedback greatly appreciated!

I am using and I believe I am in month 5 of 6. I need to wait to give you feedback as it is a process. I did just get a call from my site, in my city of residence for a SBO and it was due to the improved SEO that HG has done.

Give me another month and I can give you better feedback. HG sends a email with what they have done monthly and I would say it has been worth the money so far!!

Thank you David. I asked Lisa one of our SEO staff if they would like to comment. Here is what she posted:

Thank you for your feedback, Dave! We are glad you are so pleased with our SEO Primer. Here’s a brief description of the program for others who may be interested in finding out more about it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a blanket term for techniques designed to improve your website’s ranking with search engines and ultimately increase your online visibility. The SEO Primer focuses on laying the groundwork for better website performance by optimizing your website itself. It is a very specific strategy that tackles the most fundamental optimization tasks one-by-one. We make your website look better to the search engines and perform at its optimum capacity, while improving its user-friendliness. We also set up your Google Business page for you if you don’t already have one, so you will show up on the map and you can start getting Google reviews. The SEO Primer is not the end-all be-all of SEO. We call it a Primer because it’s the first stage in an ongoing process. You’ve got to put down the primer before you can paint. If you ever have any questions about our SEO Primer, or if you’re interested in having us build you a website, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

I did not understand at the beginning (month 1) as it is a process. I think my site is doing very well.

I Just signed up For the SEO for 6 months. I love the Home Gauge report writing software and they just did my new website (check it out www.visionhomeinspection.com) so I’m sure they will do a good job on my SEO. I’ll let you know only 6 months to go

Your website looks great! I did notice a grammar error on your services page at the thermal imaging paragraph.
“This technology allows us to identify possible issues and damage that can’t seen by conventional inspection methods.”

I used the SEO Primer program a year ago, best thing I’ve done. I’m on page 1 in my market with great results!!

Thanks Skyler I will have them make the correction