Nice new look HG!

Viewing from my cell phone, the new dashboard looks great!

It’s done?

The new HG website and HG Services look is on, and we appreciate your feedback as we make adjustments etc. A new era where we will focus all our efforts on creating the best experience for your buyer and agent…with the latest and greatest.

We are just getting started on what promises to be the best service you can give your customer and agent.
The rebuild looks great.
Simply amazing!!!
Thanks Russell.
HG continues to be the pace setter in the inspection report writing industry.
All the rest are copycats and imitators.:wink:

Looks good!

It would be nice to be able to search for reports across all team members. It is a little more time consuming than before to pull down and click on each team member to find a report.



One more tiny suggestion:

I need to be able to search for agents across my whole team. We get calls from agents who didn’t get a report, or have trouble with their HG account. Currently we have to search each inspector’s contacts to find them.

When adding a user, can you make this a search field instead of having to go find the user name then copying it into the add user field.


Love the mobile version
Homegauge rocks:)

Not sure what is great about software that can not adjust font on high res screens or even develop a working Apple app.

Don’t you eat apples

Not true Bob. Unless there has been some recent changes on hip, You should try high resolution on it before trolling here.