Honda UX-3 Personal Mobility Device

I think Nick should contact Honda and have one sent to every inspector for testing. :smiley:

Honda UX-3 Personal Mobility Device](
Honda’s new UX-3 acts like a one-wheeled, omnidirectional Segway. No coordination required.

Come one, come all, to the carnival of oddities that is Honda’s R&D division. Witness Asimo: the humanoid robot, and the tragedies tragedies that sometimes befall him. Shield your children from the assisted walking system that looks straight from the pages of science fiction. Gawk at the motorcycle with an airbag. And recoil in terror at the UX-3, a unicycle that balances itself.

Sign me up.

just shows you how lazy us americans are…lol…:mrgreen: and we would buy something like this…:shock:

Aren’t Americans fat enough already?