Midwest Storms

I will be driving through Newbern, and Dyer counties this morning. The news shows heavy damage and loss of life from tornadoes last night. Anyone else have any damage near by? Did you see these areas on the news. I am thinking of leaving much earlier to get through the aeas.

Here are a few pictures.






And some more. These were all on CNN this morning.






It’s just amazing how powerful these tornados are…:shock: Saw on the local news one family was in the basement and the whole house was moved about 20 feet away…
I feel for those people in the tornado “alley” zone… :frowning: It’s early in the season and already they are talking more big ones to come along and in record numbers due to the warm winter. The the Gulf of Mexico did not cool down enough… I wonder about hurricanes too … Can you imagine the destruction when we get a 1- 3 punch of all of this…:shock::shock:

Greetings Gentlemen,

My wife & I were discussing these storms this morning, and the fact that this has been a mild winter in many places, not to mention your observation about the gulf. All that taken into consideration, the hurricane season here will probably be a real treat. Historically, if it comes from the east or Atlantic side of Florida, it rides the gulf stream almost due north away from the central Fla. area and comes in somewhere in S.Carolina. Howsomever, when it enters the area from the gulf and comes this way, it almost inevitably rides the I-4 corridor from Tampa to Daytona Beach. Obviously, more of a straight line, but there is something about that pathway, whether it is upper level winds or what, I don’t know for sure, but the weather men in my area have coined that phrase, and I have indeed seen it to be accurate.
I can only cross my fingers and hope they don’t get any stronger than the ones we’ve had in the past. I don’t have any trees to worry about coming thru the house, the last round took them all out.

Jonathan Pulley
Quality Assurance
Deltona, Fla.

Had a few yesterday in central TN.

Workers were trapped in the second pic.

Last pic shows what happens when you have the windows closed and the house depressurizes.

Glad to hear you are safe. We have an area around Bradford that is an absolute mess. I also went to Millsfield the other day, and it was terrible. One of the houses I inspected about a year ago was GONE. I contacted another lady who had severe damage, but they were all o.k.

Building materials are already going through the roof.

Yea, everyone learning from the oil companies!

Time of Home Inspectors to do likewise!! :slight_smile:

I had to go through Rutherford Tn yesterday to take the NHIE in Jackson . Here are some pictures of Rutherford. It was pretty rough.










:shock: House #119 is off the foundation , right?:shock:

It stayed together good though!

Ben, time to wash (or replace) your windshield! :smiley:
I lost my windshield, so I don’t wash it any more!

How did the test go?

The winshield definitly needs to be washed, along with the rest of the truck!

Passed the test, and am very glad to get it over, have you got yours behind you yet? I went to Jackson, Tn, and she said I was the first to take it there. That was quite a shock, since the next closest testing city is far away, maybe Memphis. There are alot of small cities close to Jackson.

Now we need some aplications out to get sent in.!!!

Oh yea, the drawings were terrible on the test. I was disappointed to say the least in the quality of the drawings.

I think Florida where I live is going to get hit hard since we have had so little rain. We will pay for it in AUG and SEPT.

Oh that is awful! I feel so bad for these people. :frowning:


I am taking my test next week.
My Dad passed away two weeks ago and I was tied up. They didn’t have any tests available so I just waited. I’m taking it in Nashville. A little easier for me to get to I think.

Anything on the test that was a surprise to you?

Not really suprised me, but the questions about coal, and oil fired heating I bombed on surely. I have never seen one. The only book I looked at was the “Illustrated Home” Some of the drawings from there were on the test but they were so small they were hard to see. Many of the pictures with cracks in brick walls was on there.

My biggest advice would be to read all the answers completely! There are some that are worded tricky. I was finished in a little over an hour. You have 4 hours so I guess I should have checked all my answers. You will do great! No sweat!

Sorry to hear about your father. You are in my thoughts.


and Thanks! :slight_smile:

Coal !??? OK!

Oil, I should be OK. When I was teaching AC to the New England Fuel Institute (Oil Guys), they taught me all I DIDN"T want to know about Oil!
You could smell those guys coming to class when they were in the parking lot! And, they changed clothes before school! :-o

I’m sorry to hear about your father David. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless,

They are going to have a temp split question David.:slight_smile: