Hurricane Ready

We are as ready as we can be. To everyone else in the path of this storm, be safe and good luck!

Looks like we are gonna get a little bit of weather!

House is buttoned up, our cat, Samantha doesn’t seem to care, the wind is picking up, but we did have bacon for breakfast!

Be safe

hang in there, or dont good luck

Please be safe!!

Be safe my friend

I understand this is always on our mind down here in Florida. My thoughts are with you today. Be safe, I hope you are all strapped down!

Sincerely Thomas Belke
Platinum Inspections
Port Charlotte, FL

Be safe. Its starting to get a little breezy here in Naples on the west coast. Winds are from the north 17-23 mph.

They are anticipating up to 11 ft storm surge along the upper brevard and daytona beach areas. NO matter how well constructed the home are, the surge will devastate the barrier islands.

Good luck down south, fellas. If you have a problem that a guy in the Panhandle can help with, call me and I’ll do what I can.

We will send it your way .

I can’t wait…More money for me as a contractor…:twisted:

How close to the eye are you Sean ?

I hope it runs all the friggin’ yankees back up north. Yep!

How does anyone get ready for sustained 140mph winds and a huge storm surge?

I am!

This Should Not Need To Be Said, But…

To me you are all Yankees lolol

Looks like Brevard is going to be right in the eye. I may have water front property in the morning.

Quit acting so stupid, wayne.

I guess you just live to be ignorant , why so much hatred ? is it because of your short comings ?

Move along wayne.