Horizontal Receptacle

Hey Guys-

What are the requirements for a horizontal receptacle located above the floor, like on a fireplace or in a window seal? Thanks.


If anyone sets a drink up there during a party, liquid could easily enter the outlet. It’s a bad idea in my view and I’d probably recommend relocating it to a wall.

There are no “Requirements”.

They are permitted to be face up in locations other than dwelling counter-tops. Floor receptacles are permitted face up too but require a listed box.

Fireplace mantel is not a code authorized location to set your drink! :wink:

Call that one out!

I usually do recommend that, but nobody ever pays any attention to me.

Unless your grilling a pig.

Just curious why you would recommend moving it to the wall? When you find these receptacles do they seem like they’ve been a problem?

Wayne, we do that outdoors over here! :wink:

We do loose a lot of beers because we don’t have adequate place to put the drink though!!!

Come to think of it, Your right! Move those darn outlets!

Or replace them with proper ones…


Thanks Robert. I wanted to make sure the above the floor face-up receptacles didn’t have the same requirements as the floor receptacles.