Hose bib extended

This hose bib is extended 4" out from siding, Should I recommend repair?

Not me I am more concerned with the decaying feed pipe then the extension ,.

It needs a back flow preventer and maybe new insulation.

I think that is insulation Roy

Call it out should be properly secured If they secure it then it would be inside How far did it go in was the end inside the crawl ?

The hose bib has 2 side cut outs for screws to sit in this area to hold the soldered on bib and prevent constant twisting motion on that soldered area. Plus the corrosion, i would just state your finding and recommendation and let them decide if they want to correct it. I always recommend replacing hose bibs with a Frostproof hose bib since we have cold winters - more of a prevention of pipe freezing and bursting.

Thank you gentlemen: It is insulation and not corrosion but thanks for the feedback!
I always recommend anti siphon device on these also!

Looks kinda pfallic from where I’m sitting…
I would recommend a good Psychotherapist for the plumber… the owner… or both.

Arrow makes a non-freeze faucet that has an internal air break. You have to know what to look for on the cast labeling / logos.


Don’t just assume because it does not have a screw on or top air break that one does not exist.

I could see the cast logo on the picture. Do you have a picture of this cast logo?

Good tip and I appreciate it.

I could not see… Sorry about the typo