HOT PIC: A new brighter colored sign concept.

Definitely an eye catcher.

Lookin’ Good!
Be sure to let us know updates of how / where the signs are available, Nick!

Of just the logo, and we can make our own signs.

The only companies that I can find that will make these signs in the quantities we’re going to need charge too much. Does anyone know of any little sign companies?

Sign a Rama
Mark Collins,Owner
9241 Skokie Blvd.
Skokie, IL 60077

(847) 324-5500

Ask for Mark and mention my name. He is in my Chamger of Commerce referal group. He does these on plastic waferboard and is very reasonable, especially when done in quanity.

Hope this helps;


I sent you an email.
Let me work on it.

Here ya go, Nick-

Affordable signs, for MIC or anything else.
See his email below, and prices on site:

We would be happy to offer your group 10% off their orders with us. We also do screen printed coroplast signs, ncr forms, vehicle magnetics, and can do almost
any other printed need a customer might have. Feel free to contact me regarding your program or any needs you may have.

Roger Busby
Dittos Inc.
Graphics Mart LLC

cdaInspector Russell <> wrote:
Dittos Graphics

1710 N. Shelby Dr. # 20
Memphis, Tn

I like the brighter colors but it would be better to have all the Move in Certified stuff on our own websites and put our web addresses at the bottom of the sign. If we pay for the sign and put it up at property we inspect we need to direct the traffic our way.

Needs a darker solid background to make it really pop.

This could be much more effective if revised a bit for use in CA, and perhaps some other states with strict disclosure laws. Maybe we’ll discuss this further at our meeting next week. . .

The generic signs might first be used by many sellers and realtors… who then
find the inspectors through NACHI. So it might be hard for Nick to make
signs with each members web site URL on it.

Or, as I previously stated, the logo can be downloaded to individuals and they can print up their own signs with their own URLs.

That would be one way for a member to be the one to generate more business from each inspection for himself. The problem with the Move In Certified URL is that people that see a sign where you did the inspection can easily go the the site and may very well chose any inspector listed in your area.

It is good to use that URL in materials or emails that go to realtors to help drive business to any areas but the use of signs would be best left to the inspector who does the inspection.

If Nick wants to make up a quantity that only have a space for an URL and phone number, it would be a heck of a lot cheaper for inspectors to have sticker printed for the bottom. Or he could make the signs short so we could just attach a small sign to the bottom with our own info.

Agreed. If it comes from NACHI, it should have the URL of the referral site.

I don’t think signs should “come from NACHI” with the referral site URL. NACHI could distribute them to inspectors with no URL so we may apply our own info (whether it be an URL, our name, our phone #, etc.)

An agent should not get these signs unless given to them by the inspector who verifies compliance “on the ground”. Send them emails, send them information packets, send them letters with the URL, but don’t send them signs, period.

If NACHI doesn’t want to pay for inspectors signs without the referring URL then don’t make them. If they can’t be Move In Certified without a NACHI inspection, the signs (any and all) need to come from the inspector with his/her own referral information.

I agree with Will, and Dave. leave a space for the company name at the top and the url at the bottom. I know that Nick means well with this, but I for one have been working very hard to market my self here. So why should I allow nachi to step up and market for the local nachi inspectors that are not making the effort. JMHO

I too agree. I don’t think NACHI needs to pay for these signs. I can have them made up by my sign guy for 10-15 dollars each and I have no problem doing that. If we can put our own info at the bottom that would be even that much better as we are the ones doing the inspection and marketing of the idea. I also don’t want someone going to the website and just picking the first inspector they see and it not be me. I want them to go through me and then to the MIC website. I hope this gets figured out soon though cause I am ready to get onboard with this now.

I would even go a step further and suggest that we be allowed (don’t see why not) to simply duplicate the informational portion of the MIC site (minus the find an inspector) on our own web sites.

Just a note about doing that. One would want to set the robots.txt file of their website to not index those particular pages. The current Google algorithm may penalize your site for duplicate content that is already indexed elsewhere.