Download file for MoveInCertified signs.

Kinkos-friendly. 72 DPI vectored:



Thanks Nick, Question Though? can we make changes to the signs such as removing the and replace it with our own url?

How do I open this File … Cookie

Mark, of course! If there is one thing true about NACHI, we don’t want you promoting us… we want us promoting you! If you make your own customized sign, post a PIC of it here so others can learn from it. Remember though, you aren’t certifying that it’s Move In Certified… the seller is. See for definition of Move In Certified.

Roy, it is in PhotoShop, used by most sign makers like FastSign, but you can view it, it is the top PIC in

Perhaps Chris could create a template and let inspectors type in
their URL and presto they now have a kinkos ready sign with
their personal web link on it.

Also a smaller sign would make it easier for Realtors to attach
their signs already in use… IMHO

To make this work the inspector needs a plan and I have one. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks Nick, will do. John you are thinking in the same direction I am. Gary, add me to your list to inform me when you have your information ready. Off to the sign company.

Update, Went to the sign company who made my signs for my vehicle. If I just have 5 - 18" x 24" sign made it would be $225.00. If I buy 150, it would be $15.00 each. He was only going to charge me $5.00 to change out the url. So right now unless I can get some Realtors interested in this. I can not justify the cost in this project. These were to be on the plastic waffle board and wire inserts.


I did the same thing, about $25 per sign. So I just increased my cost by $25 on pre-listing inspections. Realtors have loved it and didn’t mind paying the extra cost for the pre-inspection.

Robb Johnson


Are you doing a full inspection on these or is this a four or five point inspection?

Full Inspection.

Just got my signs in the mail today! Check them out. I got an amazing price on these. I would recommend this company to everyone.

I got 10 full color signs with legs for $59.

I think these signs are great for starting out. Affordable and they get the message across! To be honest I was impressed. My wife didnt really like the other design so she made me another design just for my company!

Let me know what you guys think?



Great stuff.

Ryan – tell your wife she did good!! Great sign.

Thanks all,


That is awesome!

Thanks for the idea will make marketing a little easier