Hot PIC: Custom Certified Master Inspector plaque for James Keilson, CMI.

James, your custom Certified Master Inspector plaque ships out to you tomorrow.

Before it arrive, read pages 15 and 16 of to learn how to use your plaque to help your inspection business.


Very cool, was this custom ordered or an interNACHI issued item?

These are the new customized ones with a real CMI logo and your name. They cost MICB about $100 in product and time costs. We offer them for $50 as a way to assure those who are requesting them, actually want them and will use them as recommended on pages 15 and 16 of

You can order yours here:

Nick and all NACHI staff, you guys Rock !!!
I truly appreciate the plaque, it is awesome and. I have found many ways to use the CMI designation to my advantage as a most Powerful marketing tool and it works as Good if not better than any other.

II am very proud to be a CMI and I can Guarantee you that I am the only Amputee CMI in the world that had the CMI logo imbedded as a permanent “Tattoo” in my new leg !!

Thanks again Nick.


Fantastic Glad for you Jim …

Thanks Roy my friend…


James, you’re crazy, but I love ya.

Back at ya Nick !!:slight_smile:


Looks good Jim!!

Unbelievable…happy for you Jim.
CMI’s rock!

Well now Robert, that is an interesting statement considering some of your other momentous posts of late.

Congrats - Very cool Jim. :smiley:

I want one too. :smiley:

You my friend deserve one !!!