Hot PIC of Certified Master Inspector wall plaque built for Dave Fetty.

Shipping out today.

Congratulations Dave.

Very nice. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh! How cute!


Congratulations Dave, well deserved for a great guy!!

Needs a bit more detail, IMHO. Looks a bit generic.

Nice … How do we get one. Whats the cost, etc

I was wondering the same thing.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Email me at and I’ll build you one. No charge.

Congrats Dave!

Why is your message board name still showing you as a CPI? And not listed at the CMI site?

Thanks, same to you!

Good going my friend! Looks great. I’ve got one coming too!

Reminder, a plaque on your wall won’t generate any revenue. Stage a PIC of a friend handing it to you. Then put that PIC on your homepage. Read page 15 and 16 of Free and downloadable.


I would not mind having a plaque like that? Can you deliver?


I’d like to do it right with a pic of you making the presentation or better yet a video too… SEO gold no?
There is a ton of work & investment that comes along with this… vehicle art… marketing materials … website editing…business cards, etc. large investment… that I believe will pay off or I wouldn’t have done it.

Don’t forget the press release

Come here. I’ll have the video made for you for free. Professional photos too. And you’ll get to tour the House of Horrors.