Hot PIC: Another custom Certified Master Inspector wall plaque.

I suspect that this image will be on the front of his homepage soon.

We hope you enjoy it Richard! :mrgreen:

It was sent out to you today!

Send us some pics of it hung up!! We would love to see! :wink:

Very nice , how do I get one?

I have been a CMI for several years. Never heard of it either.

I was just thinking of having one made…but how do I get one of those???

There is a section titled “THE AWARD” in this article: which explains how to use the plaque to make money.

Nice. Is that from the CMI auction? I’d buy one if it were available.

Just have one made if you’re going to pay for it anyway.

Local trophy shops everywhere and they are very inexpensive. But then do what I tell you and get that PIC taken that I talk about in my paper. It really will make you a lot of money.

I’ll make you guys an offer you can’t refuse:

If you get one made, take a PIC anywhere close to what I described in my paper “A Home Inspector’s Guide to Increasing Gross Revenue,” and email me the PIC…

… I’ll send you a check to reimburse you for the plaque.

There… now they are free.

I hear they’re making very nice plaques out of marble, white gold and diamonds these days boys :wink:

Nice deal Nick It doesn’t get much better than that!!!
You Rock !!!


Now that is how you ROLL…lol

Hey,. Nick’s paying, might as well shoot for the moon :wink:

Sorry, I don’t want to read an ebook to find out how a plaque is going to increase someone’s income.

It’s a plaque, is a potential client really supposed to be impressed by that?
Walk into any used car showroom and they’ll have several hanging on their cheap wood paneling.
I’m sure they convert many sales…

No. The plaque is merely the prop. The prop is then used in staging a very particular photo. The photo is then used on your inspection business website. And no, the photo nor the plaque’s purpose isn’t to “impress” anyone. It’s a tool that works well to stop visitors to your website from continuing on to a competitor’s website by instantly making them conclude that they have found the inspector they were looking for (and need not look any further). In effect, it decreases your website’s bounce rate. And yes, by improving this factor slightly along with improving a bunch of other factors slightly, you increase your gross revenue very dramatically.

BTW: Definition of “Bounce Rate”… the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Strange .
I see letters like this posted on various sites .
This is the first time I saw one posted by a CMI .

If you do nothing to improve all other factors that affect your business, but you cut your bounce rate in half… you’ve doubled your gross revenue.

Hi Roy,

I’m not sure I understand your post?