Hot PIC of custom Certified Master Inspector plaque made for Brian Shriver, CMI.

It will ship to you on Monday.

As soon as you get it, use it to generate more inspection work by doing what is advised on page 15-16 of

That is f*cking Awesome!!!

It’s better than the image depicts. Wait till you get it!

Congratulations Brian. Nick is right the plaque is bigger than you’d think and shiny too.

I had had plans to take it around Inspection Fuel and make everyone there present it to me, but my plans to go to Florida got busted up…I’ll have to wait until next year for an official presentation picture… but I do have the perfect place to hang it on a blank wall directly above my desk.

Thanks! Did you find a place to put yours up yet?

Congratulations Brian.

Thanks Marcel.

Congratulations Brian!!

Thanks Shawn!