Hot PIC: NACHI, IAC2, CMI logos all found on one inspection vehicle.

That window is wayyyyyy too busy…I hope he drives in the slow lane.

And thats what is it doing for me
My business is “wayyyyyyyyyy too busy”

Besides, I like to drive in the slow lane, the more cars that pass me, the more people that see my sign.

Here are the numbers for the last 2 months on this promotional program

18 phone calls
14 completed inspections
14 x 385 Avg = 5390.00
Cost: 50.00 + 15.00 (shipping) = 65.00
Return on investment = 8292% in 2 months

With that mentality, I hope your competition doesn’t read this
Besides, it is really hard to argue with success.

If you track something, it will grow.
If you measure something, it will grow exponentially.

That made my head hurt. But it’s awesome anyway. :wink:

Care to email me with where to get said promotional program please? :slight_smile:

Yes, please. The last time I got a quote on promotional signage for my vehicle, a full job was between $900-1400, depending on options.

Yes, If I can invest $65.00 and get a potential return of $5400 (in your scenario) I’d say that’s well worth the expenditure of time, energy, and daylight.

2 trips to the carwash costs $50 in my area. No way could I get that window filled up for $65…

email binny at:
They are located in china, but excelent service with 4-5 day turn around.
Let binny quote the price. you send him the file, they print and ship it to you.
They include installation instructions, you self install.
Not bad for the price of 3 car washes.