Hot PIC of NACHI's Roy Cooke doing his radio show.

Great picture. Great Guy. Thanks Roy for all you continue to do.

Finnally I get to see what you look like and by no surprise it is just like my vision.

A good looking young man with not as much grey hair as I envisioned, ha ha.

Roy; Good job in your support and contribution to NACHI as you have well demonstrated in the past.
Always a pleasure to explore your knowledge and just wish I would have been able to listen to your radio show.
I am sure it was professional.

Take care.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Roy did a great job!

Thanks John
A Humorous story from when I was on in November .
About a week after being on I got a phone call from a lady .
She sounded like she was about late forties .
Nice and clear and spoke well .
She asked about dampness in her basement and that a person wanted $5,400:00 to make it dry .
Well I said it is hard to make a decision with out seeing the home but Can I ask some questions .
She then proceeded to tell me her dad had built the home before she was borne and that she had lived in it all her life .
As we got talking she said she was 83 years old (Wow!)( sure surprised me).
I then said Oh then if must be a rubble stone home she said yes it was .
I said well Rubble stone homes are hard to water proof and that in My openion the best she could do ( She jumped In and loudly said) ( I new that S#n of A Bit** was trying to screw me ) well I just about lost it had a hard time controlling my self .
( she then said I new I could trust you listening to you on the radio ).
When I got my composure back I said In my openion with out seeing the home I would take about $1,000:00 and make sure the gutters were OK and the down spouts where six feet from the home and raise the dirt all around the out side and take the other $4,400:00 you have save and go to Hawaii and have a great holiday .
She said I LOVE YOU ARE the greatest and I new you would tell me the truth …
She made my day. I have had about 5 like this from my Radio shows but this was the best.
No profit but a great feeling that money can not buy.
Two already today .
Yes I have had some inspections from the shows but many home owners needing help .
Any one wanting a copy of todays show send me email and when I get it on Disk next weak will send it no Charge.
Roy Cooke…

I would love a copy, Roy (e-mail below).

To everyone else:

THIS is NACHI. The old (sorry Roy) teaching the young, passing on quality and doing so on their own time, with no pay.

Just another day at the office, raising the bar and serving the public.

It is in no way adequate compensation, but THANKS ROY! :cool:

For those of us who did not hear Roy, he was preceded by an hour of very heated discussion about a local indian band that had taken upon itself to occupy a public roadway and shut down a privately owned business. This is quite a contentious issue in Roy’s area and he did a miraculous job of turning the discussion around “167*” without batting an eye ( or at least I didn’t hear any eye batting!)
A real pro.

I think NICK should have a copy available to download right off the NACHI server. I know you make serveral plugs for NACHI thoughtout your radio shows and it would be available to all at no cost to Roy.

I agree Paul;

Come’on Nick, did you here us. Do the members a favor and help them learn from experience without having the Donor expend out of pocket to help the Members of the Association.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:


Nice Job