Thanks Roy Cooke

I just wanted to say a public thank you to Roy for calling me and giving me his help and opinions. I know there are a lot more like him out there who are willing to help fellow members and not be so quick to criticize. Isn’t that why we are here, to help each other?
Thanks Roy.

I am glad to see that Roy is still helping as he has been for many years I have known him Martin, and hope many others will take advantage of his vast knowledge gained over the years.


Roy is always quick to help others. Thanks Roy!

Thanks Roy

Thanks to all I enjoy sharing my Knowledge . If I do not know I have a few others who also share .
Home Inspection has treated us extremely well and I sure enjoy all the great NACHI members and am eager to help if I can .
Thanks to all who also try to help other Homies ,this is what keeps our association great.
Please keep up supporting others . Roy and Char Cooke

Well deserved recognition, Roy. Thanks for all you do.

Think about it

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I still remember talking to Roy on the phone the first time about 8-9 years ago, one hell of a man, would give you the shirt off his back if asked.

I still remember him offering to send us a basketball hoop to IRAQ when I was there. Roy is truly one of the best here.

:smiley: But it would be purple !..:smiley:

I met Roy a couple of years ago and we chat frequently. Always good to hear from him and he is a great source of knowledge.

Keep up the good work Roy

Your friend: Bryce