Hot PIC of Nick & Russell Hensel working hard at Venice Beach Chapter meeting.

Seriously though, Russell helped do the marketing presentation with me. His tips for multi-inspector firms were really good. Quite a few members took him up on his gracious offer to let them join him on one of his upcoming inspections.

Thanks Russell!

Working Hard? Those look like 12 oz curls to me.

I can do about 20 of the 16 oz curls before passing out :cool:

Bet he told the waitress to give Nick the bill again.

As would I…wouldn’t you?

Of course, I’m not a good example. I** always** tell the waitress to give the bill to someone at the table who is not me.

I pulled it on my brother when he came up to visit from Savannah last year. He’s not married, and came alone. We went to a fancy restaurant. I brought my wife, my 12 yr old, and my granddaughter. He hasn’t been back since! :mrgreen:


So can I guess you do not care for your brother ? :slight_smile:

The way it works around here I get a freebie then it’s Okay your turn.

No, actually, of the 3 brothers, he and I are closest.

He has a very successful land surveying business in Savannah, and he’s got the money to spare. He wouldn’t have let me pay even if I tried.

My oldest brother is the Engineer. He would have taken the tab and divided everything to proportionate measures to the penny!

The youngest is a starving artist, always was and still is spoiled, and moved out to Seattle years ago to “find himself”. Not sure he ever will.

I won’t talk about how spoiled my sisters are, but they all had 4 older brothers to spoil them!

They aren’t serving “manly” drinks there"

So you’re saying Nick’s pink drink and that fruity looking thing that Russ is holding are not “manly”??

Say it ain’t so…:|.)

Easy guys. We were on the beach! Saw some guys with a 9 foot hammerhead shark and he was actually holding it and swimming.

Did I give Nick the bill? 100% absolutely not! What kind of guy do you think I am?

I gave it to his CFO…they bought dinner as well!

Your jealousy doesn’t suite you Bob.

That’s highly unlikely since Nick and Nathan always offer to pay the bill. In Texas, Nick wasn’t even sitting with me, but he saw a few inspectors and I eating and the waiter told us he paid the bill.

I did. Thanks Russell. Much obliged for the hospitality.

That looks almost like a bong in front of Russell:D

Stoners will use ANYTHING in a pinch! :shock:

Most stoners were ex-Boy Scouts and are normally well prepared. :wink: