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Great info, always informative!

I think the editor actually needs to know something about mold before he actually answers questions about mold.](*,)

Ha Russ, go get him.:mrgreen:

The editor could also use some one to proof read for spelling and grammar before he sends out the news letter.

Still it is good information, mostly. He does a wonderful job with communicating what is happening. I do appreciate his updates.

I do not believe you will see much of Russ anymore(he has been out of the country).

He as personally spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to make the profession better, he has received nothing in return. He has been ridiculed and attacked, why would he want to help anyone?

He has helped many inspectors by allowing them to see his operation, training them, reviewing their reports, giving them tools and paying for their expenses. He has done all of this to make the profession better.

The sadder part is there are others with the same feelings.

I’m guilty of ridiculing him. I’ll ease up. But, you have to admit… he’s done his share of attacking.

He’s passionate, I certainly acknowledge that.

Very sorry to hear that-----Russ is a wonderful person who as a fellow inspector in my area helps me all the time by referring clients my way whom he may not be able to get to in a timely manner. I am forever thankful. I also appreciate Russ’s candor and enthusiastic personality and am honored to call him a friend.Russ, hope to see you in Melbourne!

He has done his share, I do not always agree with his approach. He is passionate and usually has a really good point, whether anyone likes it or not. I do truly believe that he wants nothing but the best for all.

I have listened to many industry marketing experts, he gives away for free better information than they sell. The best part is he has allowed anyone who did not believe or wanted to learn, to see it live and in practice. This is combination that I have never see anyone else offer. He payment has always been to make the industry better, nothing more.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. Keep up the good work.


Yep. One of his points changed my life.

It was back at your big Melbourne meeting I attended. I’ve written over a billion (that’s billion with a “b”) words for this industry (books, articles, scripts, courses, speeches, letters, message board posts, emails, etc). I expected (as many others did) that Russell would be drawing from those billion words to attack me from the audience in front of 200+ fellow inspectors. But when it came down to the big moment (and maybe I’m making it sound too dramatic)… Russell’s big complaint was about some postcard that some other school mailed, without letting me see it, to some plumber who wasn’t even an InterNACHI member. That’s it? Something someone else authored?

Until that day, I had been horribly insecure about all the work I’ve done in this industry. Then, at age 48, standing in front of my piers, sweating, and fretting about all the stupid mistakes I’ve made at InterNACHI, and all the holes we’ve yet to plug… my life changed with one question from the back of the room. Armed with over a billion of my words, words I’d have to stand by… Russell could only find fault in something someone else authored. It was the nicest compliment anyone has ever given InterNACHI. And since that day, I’ve been feelin’ pretty good about InterNACHI and the work we’ve done over the years.

You should absolutely be proud of everything you have done. You put more information and more knowledge in front of inspectors than anyone, probably all others combined. That is one of the biggest reasons why I am a member, you can not beat the benefits, you can not even begin to compare. I have not agreed with his approach at times, I even do not agree with yours, at times(There is a few here I will never agree with:p). You both have great goals, just different approaches.

You should stand proudly knowing you built the biggest and best HI org anywhere. Where do you go from here? Even the best gets run over if they do not move forward.

Russ and others just want to improve the industry.

For those that are curious; Nick has done more for me and my company than anyone. I could not even begin to repay all that he has done. I could never ever thank him enough.

Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

This quote pretty much sums it all up. Even if the path is rocky.

Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

This quote pretty much sums it all up. Even if the path is rocky.

I never figured Russ would give up so easily. It does take a pretty tough hide to be on this board. I hope he just licks his wounds and come back. I wish me continued success in his business. He deserves his success.

One other quick thought…

You are perceived as those with whom you associate yourself with.

I don’t want to re-hash… but I will say the beating that Russ took… was not in my opinion easy. He was passionate… misconstrued… misquoted and misunderstood.

I hope our friend does find his way back to the message board. Personally I miss his insight and passion… no matter what form it comes in.

I promise to ease up on him. Sometimes when I am going back and forth with someone on the message board, I don’t realize that they are taking it to heart more than I am.

Actually I think he enjoys arguing with you! Just not getting sh*t from his fellow inspectors that he is trying to help or contribute to.