Hot PICs of Gerry Beaumont and Joe Burkeson at recent training/chapter event.

The 2nd pic looks you are having a meeting with a Columbian drug lord.

In these hard times it pays to diversify.

Greg just remind me not to get on the wrong side of you or Joe. I do not look good in concrete boots.

Hey Carl,

Don’t worry we don’t use cement anymore. We have found that gators love to eat meat when you chop it in small enough pieces. That way there is no evidence left.

Gerry is a NACHI trainer but probably more accurately described as co-founder. Back in the day we thought we were huge, but in retrospect it is clear that back then, we were only beginning, and Greg started one of NACHI’s first chapters. We’ve come a long way.

It sounds like Gerry has been a big help for a long time.
Thanks Gerry.!!

There are still quite a number of inspectors from the early days hanging around here. It is funny to think that when I joined NACHI I would log on to the BB to see if anyone had actually posted that day !!

I remember the 100th registration, the 1,000th post and I’ll never forget the day when we overtook the traffic of Inspection news which used to be the board for HIs’

Still with us from the earliest days are:

  • Joe Haggarty
  • Dave Bush
  • Bob Wills
  • Greg Bell
  • Joe Farsetta
  • Erby Crofutt
    And probably many others who don’t post here.

It’s been an interesting ride :wink: and we’ve all made some great friends :smiley:


Thats a relief cement makes my bum look big.:shock:


It’s the Foster’s that make you bum look big :wink:

sssssssshhhhhhhhhhh My bum’s not big it’s just my waist is so small it makes it look big!!!

BTW is Stella I drink not Fosters

I believe that Erby was the first one to post on the NACHI BB.

Gerry used to drive down from Mass to NACHI’s first real chapter meetings: NACHI Hudson Valley.

Joe H and Nick used to come up from Penn to these same meetings.

Erby, Bob Wills, a fellow named Bob Patterson, Jeff Pope, myself, and I cant remember the others (sorry) wrote the NACHI COE.

Some of us joined NACHI when we had around 300 members.

We all have the whip marks and scars to prove it! Especially Gerry. Many beatings around the head and neck caused poor Gerry to develop a speech impediment which sounds like a British accent. Unfortunately, Gerry is actually from Brooklyn NY and his natural accent sounds nothing like his inflections do now.

Early NACHI meetings sometimes turned ugly, especially when shills tried to hijack chapters to other associations. When folks think of a Sargent at Arms at meetings, here in NY we really had them. His name is Patsy.

Long live NACHI.

Joe B, you kind of look like Higgins from Magnum PI in that photo. I love the hat. Does that mean that Greg gets to drive the Ferrari?

Came across a picture from Gerry’s earliest inspection days. As one of the very first Cave Inspectors, his motto was “Walk softly and carry a big probe.” Sorry Gerry. :mrgreen:

Who’da thunk that Patsy’s flagship chapter would have spread to 43 countries? We didn’t much use Robert’s Rules of Order back then. Mention the Minneapolis association and you got thrown out a plate glass window.

Hi to all,

Steve, thanks for the new Avatar, at least I have more hair in your rendition :mrgreen:

Joe F, funny I thought I was from Joisey :smiley:



Now we can take off our sun glasses. :wink: