Hot PICs of the PRO-LAB/InterNACHI Orange County Chopper in Vegas.

Unloading the bike.

Orange County Chopper:


Beautiful. Bike looks pretty good too.

Nice ride!

Um…the bike too!

Jk :wink:


Did you test ride it Nick?

Fire Marshalls didn’t like our chopper at first. But then they joined InterNACHI.



I like the custom air breather cover
What is the cubic in?

Me and Paul Sr.

Another one:

Did Dingleberry’s Mold Lab have a chopper for this event???

Others may have had them, too. :mrgreen::p:roll:

moto1 (Small).jpg

Nice! :slight_smile:

Ok, where is the sign up sheet to ride it!!!:cool:


Pic with the winner?

Almost looks like a early 90’s pan head.
That hard tail will break your back on long rides.
Nice looking but I would not want to drive it far.

I find it strange that there was no announcement of the winner as the Convention is already over .

My understanding is that the winner was not present for the awards event along with more than 1/2 of the other conference attendees. It was held too late on Wednesday, even I couldn’t stay. I had to interrupt the Wednesday morning technical classes to give away InterNACHI’s prizes because I had to catch a plane. Jeff Pope’s brother-in-law won one of prizes smack in the middle of his class. No choice.

I would never do it again. Fire Marshall prohibited us from putting gas in it or riding it (even though Paul did :roll:). Lawyers had to convince the Gaming Commission (at the last minute) that it wasn’t a raffle. Shipping it there was a pain and expensive. Paul’s appearance cost more than the bike. The winner can’t just take it home on the plane. It still needs new chromed parts to replace the InterNACHI ones and the PRO-LAB logos have to be repainted. Then the winner has to pay federal taxes on its value. Logistical nightmare for PRO-LAB, and it hasn’t ended.

It was a fun thing to do…once, I guess. But next year we’re going back to all cash prizes.