Hot Test Device

There here NCLHIA/InterNACHI garage door test devices. Limited time for the holidays make a great gift…:innocent:


The key is "USE @ YOUR OWN RISK:

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A yoga brick works best I find.

I prefer to use one of these…
Charmin of course.
You guys just kill me with your crap…Yes! :wink:


Too tall. You need to cut it down.

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In addition to DASMA, it also happens to be the Federal test standard that each and every garage door and door operator manufactured for sale in the U.S. since 1993 has been specifically designed and engineered to be tested under.

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Does this come in a 2-tone Sunburst lacquer finish? Asking for a friend.

Sure just show us an example

BTW the new versions will be labeled " This side Up" and on the other side “This side Down” :wink:

How can it be “There” and “Here” at the same time? Is this something having to do with quantum mechanics?

Probably much simpler like “They’re”

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I use my head. It is one of the few things that I don’t usually forget to take with me when I do an inspection.

Very good idea, Roy.
The diameter and density or a roll of toilet tissue appear more accurate to dimensional and density purposes when considering a child’s body laying down flat over the garage door saddle is the object of the test.
Personally, I never considered using 1" or 2" inch galvanized steel or plastic tubing or 2"x4" or other dimensional lumber.
Good work buddy!

Questions. 1: How did you come up with that idea.
2: Do you cover the toilet tissue roll with plastic, duct tape, the handyman’s’ best friend or sheet rubber as to make it more durable?

Interacting with other home inspectors I read where several building inspectors or AHJ use a hand held spring scale to measure pounds of resistance prior the door return to the open position. Not a bad idea.
Personally, as the door closes, I stand beside the garage door, feet well planted, before the reversing beam, using my forearm stretched out perpendicular my body to prohibit the garage door from closing, noting the average pounds of resistance, prior the garage door motor anti entrapment sensor reversing the garage door to the open position.
If/when I feel the garage door places too much downward force/pounds of pressure, on my forearm, I engage with the client pointing out the senor adjustment screws on the suspended case can be adjusted for personal preference.

Thanks again for the great idea. Members should take note.
Best Regards.
Robert Young

I do the same.
Did you guys read this…:grin:

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I use quilted northern mega roll!

How to test the device? Is there any special tools or machine for it?

Does it come with instructions on how to calibrate it?

Yes, several firm blows with a calibrated hammer every 6 months. We offer a calibration service for only $9.99 plus a free bamboo steamer

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Does InterNACHI provide a certification class?

Absolutely, only the most advanced products and technology available. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I understand the sarcasm since I’ve been on the losing end of this prop, may be better to tell these newer inspectors it’s a joke lol.

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