Hot Tub GFCI Breaker?

Is there any legitimate reason the ground has been clipped and does not terminate at ground/neutral bar?

That needs to be looked by an electrician so write it up as no EGC.

I hope the hot tub is located inside if not then the EGC needs to be insulated

Thanks Mike.

The owner was there and said the person who installed it told him to prevent the GFI from tripping all the time the ground couldn’t be bonded to neutral. So they didn’t terminate the ground. :roll:

I think he was confused with requirement for neutral to be isolated at outside disconnect, when installed, which in this case there wasn’t. The disconnect is at service panel where GFI breaker is.

Got a code section for when this is outdoors?

If the tub is outside, the interior portion of the wiring can contain a bare EGC. Once outside it needs to be insulated.


A disconnect is not required at exterior either, correct?

See 680.42 for a tub installed outside
See 680.12 for the disconnect
See 680.21 for the insulated equipment grounding conductor

So you’re assuming that the NM cables is run directly to the tub and not just being used for the interior portion of the installation?

It is.

Ah, so then Mike had it right with the bare EGC.