Water Heater Vent

Never seen this before. Almost looks like a downspout elbow into a chimney. Doesn’t look right but I could be wrong. Thoughts?

Does it meet the criteria for the job at hand?
Is it performing the job as intended?
It is damaged?
Is it leaking?
Nothing to see here. Move along.

Btw… looks to be old-school, field fabricated to me.



I see holes from rust/corrosion…

I did too after I looked closer…it’s on the report. Thanks again guys.

The best one I ever saw was Dryer flex used for a water heater chimney!lol

Harry homeowner strikes again! (My apologies to anyone named Harold):mrgreen:

Like this? Worse or better - LOL? I think the only thing that could be worse is if they would’ve used a slinky instead :smiley:

It must be a TREND!!:roll:

At least the one I saw was vented to an actual chimney and not through the window.

Known as DIY!

Note there’s no TPRV drain line either.