Neutrals & IR

I don’t find many Neutrals with a 40 to 50 degree temp differential between like terminals. The insulation was just barely starting to burn and the copper had a little discoloration, would have been easy to miss this without the IR which made it pop right out, easy find

Good catch.

Gee I think I would have caught the double taps visually and recommend they get an electrician to repair them .
I am also sure I would have caught the temp difference with the back of my fingers.

Gee I am sure you would have Roy and we also use to pull wagons with horses before the car was invented. Before the IR camera I used my tongue it was more sensitive to temp;-)

Charley, a lot of grounded conductors under one screw there my friend. Grounds too! :slight_smile:

Marcel I am old not blind I was referencing the temp not the double taps;-) That panel had lots of problems besides the neutrals

When men were men. :slight_smile:

Would that have caused some of the overheating of the neutral you think?

I don’t think so just had that one terminal that was over heating and I had the home loaded every thing was on

Double lugging of grounded conductors can of course lead to loose or high resistance connections and elevated temperatures at the terminal.

Of course if the lugs were loose, but not just because its double tapped we double tapped neutrals and grounds for decades before the rules changed. Some of us are old enough to remember double tapping neutrals and grounds :shock:

You would reach in there and touch a neutral with the back of your hands?

Maybe only once. :wink:

Breakers wires motors
all where felt to see if they where running hot .
That was the method to see what the temperature was If you could keep your hand on the motor and count to ten it was OK .
I saw many motors where you had to count real fast.,
We pinched the wires , and used the back of our fingers on Breakers .
We did it this way for years.
We also used our nose to see if there was a strange odor.

We used to dispose of used oil in the storm drain, by pouring it in the cracks of driveways, by burying it in the yard. These were considered tied and true methods used for decades and generations. Fortunately most of us have evolved and learned to employ more appropriate and safer methods.

This is were Darwin came into play, weeding out the smart and careful.

Now we have Thermal Imaging and once again Darwin will play, only it will be those who are smart that will stay in business.

Roy you were evidently the smart and careful. It is amazing how things have changed in a short period and young men look at us like we’re crazy. :D:D

Both my older brothers where also electricians .
We where careful and fortunately never a serious accident ./
All Pipes where steel no Plastic till much later .
Underground was transite all tapers where done by hand Every day covered in asbestos dust… I do not know of any one getting cancer

No disposal of oil in the method mentioned above was never an excepted practice only by people that did not know any better;-)

In my world touching a neutral lug with a bare hand was pretty common and I still do it somewhat today just out of habit.

Roy I also use to place my hand on motors checking for temp but my count was to 15 before calling it good. Today we have better measuring tools;-)

they use to do the fingers or lick test ask McKee