They call him FLIPPER FLIPPER.... no one you see, is smarter than he

how about this Flip-head… same old stupid crap, CHEAP sorry azz and as usual the BUYERS will pay $$$
:50 inside eh

1:15 outside, says… pile dirt up etc

2:05 says, put in a drain tile system along the sidewalk about 1 1/2–2’ deep

eh Flip the bubblehead, there ARE multiple exterior cracks in the stupid azz foundation wall and ONLY exterior waterproofing done correctly will repair the dumb azz cracks which would then keep water from penetrating the dang walls!!!

Let’s say he hires Stinky Landscaping Co to do the stinky drain tile system along the wall, sidewalk, cost at least $1,000… likely more depends who ya call.

Well you fool, that money could have n should have gone to exterior waterproofing, shtt if you waterproofed at–near the corner you are looking at approx $2,000–2,400… if you extended 10’ footage both directions it would cost about $3,500.

Flipper theme

There is a constant drip from that gutter behind him forming a puddle. Pretty cheap fix to take care of that first it will probably solve 90% of the water issues.


ok well, much much luck with that… in the meantime house gets sold, buyers get screwed, seen it for 4 decades

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2 short videos same house, same leaky basement, walls painted… seller got lied to by an interior drainage system moron, the usual… they put in a partial system, see the new concrete along perimeter, seller/homeowner kept leaking

okay here is the outside, see the actual existing problems, exterior cracks that allowed water in, period, they were THE problem, as usual. The exterior waterproofing in this case was $200 LESS than what homeowner paid for INT piece of junk system

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But… his solution was cheap AND inexpensive! :smiley:

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how do you figure fixing any leaky dripping gutter repairs/waterproofs n stops water from entering through the exterior cracks in foundation wall? It’s only a solution for the dripping gutter, hello?

Aaron, I’ve known Mark Anderson for many years and he is THE EXPERT on fixing water from entering the home through the foundation and somewhat above.

If you can look past his crustiness, you will learn an awful lot of his knowledge and how many homeowners are getting less than what they wanted (to stop the water from coming in the basement, etc.) by interior system companies.

Best to you. :smiley:

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Believe me, I cringe at the mention of Drylok and other attempts to correct for water intrusion as opposed to stopping it from entering in the first place.
I thought the smiley face would show I was being sarcastic.

Not at all, Aaron. I respect you.

I use the smile face on most all my posts. :smile:

Edit: Oh, I get it now. I just didn’t see the smiley face as sarcastic. No problem it’s all good. Thanks for helping me understand.

P.S. There is a sarcastic emoji to use if you want.

Crustiness ? Bubba ? surely You must be thining of someone else… :joy:

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Okay, if you can look past his radical smoothness… :rofl:

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Okay, if you can look past his radical smoothness… :rofl:

LOL, yep, Mark knows his stuff!

it’s all good man, just maybe try n understand a tad that have had numerous penises reply who are HI’s or INT systems chumps who think 90% of all leaky basements can be solved by raising the stupid azz grade or they should always install INT system, so just cuz there may be a smiley face doesn’t always mean i know which side of the play pen smellzzz the worst

Larry etc, lol well which do u nice peeps prefer, ya want crusty and honest or, crookedly soft… got milk?

what if i play the soft spoken, friendly shtt religious contractor? how 'bout dat? Gotta watch those priests/pastors etc though eh

I just found it funny that the only way he could describe his suggestion was cheap and inexpensive. Surprised he didn’t mention it wouldn’t cost much too!

But while I have your ear, in that video the gutter was clearly deficient. Do you tell people to fix that when you seal the foundation or do you believe that only the holes are a problem?

I agree. Cure the gutter issue and that area will hot be as saturated. Got a leaky basement, start high and work your way down. That’s pluming 101 to find a leak inside of a home.

That’s not what I mean at all. The foundation needs corrected. But a foundation will never be waterproof so I think addressing all deficiencies directing water to the foundation would give the best long-term solution.

I get why everyone is hung up on gutters, downspout extensions, and grading. Even Swiss cheese won’t leak in a desert right? But if we are gonna suggest sealing air gaps for energy efficiency, it’s stupid to ignore holes when talking about water leaks.

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yes sir Mr Aaron i do, i have for 41 years, anything n everything i find, see i tell 'em AND often i will show them, i’ll prove it to them/where water is FIRST entering through one, or more direct openings into the house/basement as in this short video… realtor lady just bought the joint, just moved in, there is an INT idiot drainage system installed that cost $$$$$, i am running a water-test with a hose to see/show/identify where the water is first getting into the blocks/basement…

she said she saw water in 2 areas, back wall, 1 under the B window and other water out chimney chute door…hence i first recreate a heavy rain but only run the water against the foundation wall, ground level down…yep, they got water in both areas = exterior cracks-cracked parging etc = need exterior waterproofing for that… THEN i take more time and i run the water ABOVE grade against the B window (s) and any other direct opening such as cracked, deteriorated mortar joints, where service lines enter etc, want them to know, see all possible ways water is getting in

here is inside their basement just after 10-12 minute water test… there WAS paneling up against the block wall

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i just found this, another short video same house as above… shows some of the stupid azz INT scam drainage system that IS hiding water, some mold behind it… well, since there is already an INT system that costs $$$$ then why is it leaking in at least 2 areas of back wall, i did not check other foundation walls because she did not ask and even if she had i didn’t have more time that day, i do this shtt for free, show me please ONE other waterproofing contractor that does this, takes the time to show homeowners their stinky problems and OBVIOUS solutions

Plumbing Martin? So you think plumbing and waterproofing are the same? just asking sheesh

Yup, that is fine with me… :smile: