House of Horrors gets 2-page spread in upcoming Magazine.

I am pleased to announce that FREA’s Communicator Magazine is running a 2 page spread on the InterNACHI House of Horrors (hands-on inspector training facility) this month. The magazine gets shipped out to the inspection, appraisal, real estate and lending industry beginning this week with a circulation of 140,000. See pages 37 & 37 when you get your copy.

Much thanks goes to long time NACHI member Bob Brown for his work on the House of Horrors project.

This issue is starting to sound like a Collector’s Edition!

Seriously, please send me one Nick. I don’t think I will have a way to get one otherwise. :frowning:

Nick, send one up this way when you have a chance. :wink:

They should be in the mailboxes direct from FREA by the end of this coming week (bulk mail).

Sounds like FREA needs a lot of newbies to sell insurance too. The only thing this vendor interest shows is that NACHI attracts all of the people wanting to get into this business. I guess that is what we should expect when NACHI sells certifications without any real requirements other than $289.00. Hell add another $175 and they can be masters.

Good point about newbies. Here are NACHI’s entrance requirements:

  1. You must have passed NACHI’s Online Inspector Examination (free) with a score of 80 or better.
  2. You must have completed NACHI’s Ethics Obstacle Course (free).
  3. You must have taken NACHI’s Standards of Practice Quiz (free).
  4. You must mail, fax, or submit online NACHI’s Affidavit.
  5. You must agree to adhere to the Standards of Practice.
  6. You must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.
  7. You must agree to continue learning (24 hours/year) as per the Continuing Education Policy.
  8. You must agree to maintain your member Online Continuing Education Log (free) as per the Continuing Education Policy.
  9. You must agree that (after you join) if you have never performed a home inspection for a fee you will submit 4 mock inspections to NACHI’s Report Review Committee (free) before performing your first home inspection for a client.
  10. You must agree that within your first 10 days after joining, you will login to NACHIs educational message board.
  11. You must agree that within your first 30 days after joining, you will complete NACHI’s comprehensive online Standards of Practice course (free).
  12. You must agree that within your first 45 days after joining, you will complete NACHI’s comprehensive online Electrical course (free) including all the quizzes within and pass its final exam.
  13. You must agree that within your first 60 days after joining, you will complete NACHI’s comprehensive online Roofing course (free) including all the quizzes within and pass its final exam.
  14. You must agree that within your first 3 months of membership you will apply for a membership photo I.D. (free).
  15. You must agree that within your first year of membership you will re-take and pass NACHI’s Online Inspector Examination again (free).
  16. You must agree that within your first 2 years of membership you will attend at least one chapter meeting or educational seminar (reasonable exceptions apply).
    *]You must be actively working towards attaining a “Full” Membership.
    Can you tell us what the other Florida inspection trade association’s entrance requirements are? Maybe we can improve. Do the Florida state association’s have many Houses of Horrors to get real hands on training at? How many? What cities are they located in?

I just got a call from a real estate agent new to the biz who was told by all the other agents around this area to make sure the inspector he uses was


certified. Nothing else. NACHI.

So something must be working right. :shock:

I received my copy of Communicator today. Nice article about the House of Horrors. Too bad that half of the article was the appraisers story, had nothing to do with NACHI.

Also in the magazine was a comparision of associations. Also interesting. The article stated that NACHI has a little less than 6000 members. I read here it was more. huh.

Ditto, Cheryl’s comments. Nice magazine though. I also received ASHI’s InspectionWorld California Exhibitor Prospectus for their upcoming Convention in January, 2007.

Made me think… What is going on with NACHI’s convention. Time is getting short.
Anyone got any updates at all?
How is the education coming along?
Will the education be approved for CE’s for those states that require it this year?

John, I think our Toronto convention site is up (mostly taken from last year’s) and staff is getting all the vendors together, so some vendors and speakers listed will not be there, and some not listed will: OH NACHI will probably hold another convention by then and there is a California NACHI Convention upstarting.

As for continuing education I am trying to encourage the conventions NOT to offer state approved continuing education. Our experience, as the largest host of continuing education in the industry, shows clearly that the courses that are UNapproved are most popular (Mold, marketing, liability limitation, etc). Members can get the same old, same old courses for their state continuing education anywhere. Let’s keep the convention at least 70% offerings outside the scope of SOP… those are the good courses and the ones that end up packed.

If we can get courses approved in multiple states for CE, then this paradigm would change. Don’t you think, Nick?

Official Neater of Dead Horses;

I don’t know. We have quite a few state approved course. Some in your state of Illinois and they always take a ton of money and work to advertise enough to fill.

I hold a quiet little course on marketing or mold or any “good stuff”, the stuff states never approve… and I don’t even have to advertise those courses…they are always packed wall to wall. I’m doing two talks on marketing next week, one in Texas (a CE licensed state) and one in South Carolina (a CE licensed state). I think both have RSVP’s approaching 100 each. Doug at PRO-LAB consistently packs NACHI classes and his mold course is not approved for CE’s in any state.

The only state approved CE that is in the same class of popularity is electrical… and that is even with the advantage of having state approval.