If someone can get me CAHPI's and OAHI's I'll add them...


Nick thats a good April Fools joke! You have me rolling on the floor laughing! Cheers, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, really, I’ll print them off (or at least count them) and take a picture of the stack and add them to that page if you get them for me. No joke.

Nick April Fools Day is over, come-on stop it. I am hyper laughing. Did you post some other April Fools stuff on the site today? I read some posts that look like April Fools pranks? Nick you are the greatest. What a clever way to get mileage and advertising and the hits up! Good one! Cheers,

www.nachi.org/rigorous2006.htm Read and weep.

Nick The benchmark for home inspectors was set long before Nachi came on the scene in Canada. The entry requirements to these associations is much more stringent and rigorous than Nachi, in my opinion from first hand experience. All inspectors would likely agree that they are in favour of entry requirements, to try and dilute entry to an association by way of lowering the standards is questionable. Cheers,

http://www.nachi.org/requirementcomparison.htm might be a bit unfair as we are comparing apples and oranges. InterNACHI is an inspection association, not just a home inspection association. Hence www.nachi.org/ancillary.htm many of which have nothing to do with a conventional home inspection. Our required courses and exams reflect that as well. We’re soon adding a Meth course and a chimney course to www.nachi.org/rigorous2006.htm, both outside of SOP.

I am happy for Nachi Nick, but the fact remains NACHI entry requirements are substandard to Canadian associations. Members can either be seen to measure up or simply say they measure up. The entry requirements in Canada are not in fault, I believe they are really good, what has soured people is the way its administered by the various groups, it certainly is not necessarily a cohesive group just yet, but it appears it may be getting its act together. Cheers,

Please post the entry requirements for Candians that you speak of Ray.

John why would I post them?

To help me understand what you are saying.

John,let me know what information you require and I will attempt to get it for you.Harry

Ray made some statements about Candian requirements and I wanted to see them.

This is from the public site. http://www.oahi.com/default.asp?tier_1=65&tier_2=0&content=6 Also I would like to point out that OAHI does not give out free memberships.

Applicant Members

Applicant members have not completed all the mandatory educational requirements, paid inspection requirement, or the required technical background upgrades. Applicant members are bound to adhere to the standards of practice of and code of ethics of the association and are subject to the same disciplinary mechanisms as other membership categories.


The following baseline courses/requirements are mandatory:

  • Part 9: The House - Building Envelope.
  • Part 9: The House - Health & Safety.
  • Residential Heating Inspection
  • Residential Electrical Inspection
  • OAHI Defect Recognition and Reporting Course
    Plus one of the following:
    I. An Introduction to Home Inspection Course which has been approved by the OAHI;
    II. ** OR:** Have passed the “ASHI” National Home Inspection Examination (NHIE);
    III. **OR: **Have passed the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI) exam;
    IV. OR: Completed 30 hours of Home Inspection programs, such as Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc. (provide a list including dates and # of hours of each, as well as Certificates).




Just so you know, Harry Janssen is a founding father of OAHI I believe his membership number is 02, it probably should have been #1. BTW he is a great guy!

Raymond was making claims and I am still trying to understand what he was saying.

John there is nothing to understand. While Nachi requires an online exam OAHI does not. Rather OAHI requires that inspectors wanting to meet entry requirements must show that he/she has experience in actually inspecting. Full Stop!

Here’s our local chapter’s entry requirements to just be an applicant./student inspector. There’s another issue on the table now and may be voted on/approved at this month’s quarterly meeting- 1 probationary year for all applicants. Remember these are the requirements to be a student inspector and be listed as such on the website. As an applicant or student inspector on the website, the public will probably not choose your services since there are many inspectors with full RHI status!!!

Membership Application Information

One of the major goals involved in the development of

CAHPI-Atlantic has been to introduce a high degree of professionalism into the home inspection field. As with the trades and professions, it’s simply not reasonable to accept into our membership those who are not specifically trained for the inspection work involved. Although sharing many commonalities, performing professional home inspections draws on a much broader field then simply having a
background in one of the building trades.

Clients, financial institutions, professional real estate personnel, professional builders, governments, and so forth, have and continue to insist on much more. One of the steps adopted by CAHPI-Atlantic has been to ensure that all applicants are able to “bring something to the table” in terms of education and/or applicable background training if they wish to become involved in the *professional *home inspection field. Therefore, before becoming a member of CAHPI-Atlantic, all potential applicants must submit proof of having a minimum of ten points from the following:
(My Notes in blue: This point total will probably be increasing in the future)

Prior Certified training- 5 Points

-a certificate indicating that the applicant has successfully completed the
requirements for one of the certified trades.
(These are gov’t certified trades requiring from 2-4+ years formal training combined with field experience)

Full Recognized Home Inspection course- 7 Points

-a certificate (copy) as proof of having completed the full (complete) home
inspection course provided by such recognized training institutions such as Carson-Dunlop, Humber College, George Brown College, and so forth.
New institutions will be recognized and added as the information becomes
available. Generally, the outlets which advertise in magazines and on “blow ins” and mailouts are not acceptable to use for this requirement.
(Do you suppose that if anyone took and passed the Carson-Dunlop course they would not be able to pass the INACHI exam? Well, here they’re not over the hump yet.)

Errors & Omissions Insurance- 4 Points

-proof of carrying current Errors & Omissions Insurance which covers home

Defect Recognition and Reporting Course- 3 Points

-successful completion of course
-copy of certificate required as proof
(3 day course with 2 experienced instructors)

Successful Completion of the CAHPI, or ASHI Exams- 3 Points

-these exams can be written by contacting the appropriate association

50 Mentored Inspections- 4 Points

-observing and/or helping with 50 or more full home inspections by a CAHPI
-must provide written proof from the CAHPI member (mentor)
-inspections observed as part of franchise training do not qualify

Report Verification- 2 Points

For applicants who have already been involved with home inspection, they may send two of their reports to CAHPI-Atlantic for verification.

Franchise Training- 3 Points

Applicants, who are part of a recognized franchise, may use their franchise
training to account for three of the required points.
(Funny how the franchise training doesn’t give you that many points!!!)

**WETT- 3 Points **(Wood Energy Technical Training)

Applicants who are currently WETT certified
(5 days of courses plus requires a verifiable declaration of at least 80 weeks of inspections and must include 60 inspections of wood burning appliances.)

Building Official- 3 Points

Applicants who provide proof of past service as a building inspector to a city or municipality
(We have one registered HI who had 25-30 years of municipal experience (he was one of the best around). It took him almost 2 years to reach full HI status)

Current First Aid/CPR Certification- 1 Point

Applicant may use St. John Ambulance training (if training occurred within the
last three years) for one point toward the required total.
(Don’t know why they put this in!!)

SO…10 points just to get in the door and be listed as a student!! It’s a fairly hard haul to go the route here and it takes time!!!

Here’s something from an e-mail to me from a Canadian who went the INACHI route:

"As far as being a “Certified Home Inspector” you are an intelligent
man…if you don’t have the knowledge to back it up then it’s a useless
designation.That’s all I will say about that.

I would have joined CAHPI but I would have been classified as a
candidate. Brian, how many Home Inspections do you think I would have booked with that designation?"

"Brian, how many Home Inspections do you think I would have booked with that designation?"

But hasn’t that always been the point of labeling an inspector a “student” ? It’s sort of like hanging a “student driver” sign on the car. Just watch how the other drivers try to avoid you !! The “student” label and all the other demeaning labels help to keep the rabble down and preserve market share for the ‘good ole boys’.