Canadian reporter asking about associations. Help, I need the facts.

I want to get my facts correct.

I have been saying that NACHI requires more of inspectors than any other association in terms of entrance requirements: and continuing education (annual exam and 24 hours of C.E. per year).

I’m usually speaking about U.S. associations when I say this and I want to make sure I’m correct when I say it about other Canadian associations so that the reporter doesn’t find out otherwise.

So, how do other Canadian inspection associations compare to NACHI’s entrance requirements and continuing education?

On road will send info when I get Home Roy Cooke

I am faxing the application info to head office att. you. This is the info package they send out to any one who wants to join.

Sorry to muddy the waters but - the requirements in general have some slight variations from province to province. Under the national certificate holder model there will be another variation, but a national standard established to meet the national model. So there is no clear one size fits all policy.

Claude, I’m assuming Ontario would have the toughest entrance requirements to join?

Also, how many continuing education hours per year are needed to maintain membership?

Nick,OAHI continuing education calls for 20 hr. every two years.


**Article 32 Continuing Education Requirements **

            1.             Continuing Education Requirements shall be education programs related to the practice of home inspection, as approved by the Board.  

            2.             Members shall be required to complete a minimum of 20 instructional/contact hours every two years.

That works out to 50 minutes a month just under 1 Hour

Gee If I was in OAHI this year I have more then enough for the next four years.


OK… so on the annual continuing education issue as NACHI requires 2.4 times as many hours as OAHI. OAHI needs to lift that bar up as I think they are the lowest/easiest in all of North America.

Now what about entrance requirements? What is the minimum you need to do to join?

Entrance requirements to join OAHI one word


Too simple you got the money honey your in.

Roy Cooke NACHI is the greatest BAR None

ASHI for comparison is 20 CEU per year. Even they are higher then OAHI.

I just faxed her the OAHI application w/o reading it first. Now I am reading it and it appears that there are NO requirements to join OAHI whatsoever.

I can’t be reading this right can I?

No entrance requirements and only 10 hours of CE / year?

Someone correct me here.

What am I missing here?

Yes there are requirements it send me the money honey .
That has always been the story .
Late with you dues they give you a fine .
They give fines many times that are completely against their own bylaws.
I left OAHI because they would not give us a proper audit even though two of their own finical secretaries quit because of the books not being looked after .
One even put out a 3 page white paper with many discrepancies in OAHI .
This is not the only place they have not followed their own bylaws .
This has gone on for years and they just ignore the complaints . Many members are to nervous to say any thing for fear of what could happen to them .
Roy Cooke

You are not missing a whole lot Nick. Just pay yopur money and for the first while you are not even allowed to let anyone know you are affiliated with OAHI.

I’m sure you two (Larry & Roy) are mistaken.

If you correct, these OAHI members (I won’t mention names) wouldn’t be publicly bitchin’ on record about NACHI’s entrance requirements and NACHI’s continuing education requirements (24 hours/year) if OAHI had no entrance requirements and only 10 hours/year. They would look like totall as$holes if what you say is true.

We must be missing something here.

Just to ensure accuracy, you may find much of the information at this publicly accessible site.

There are at least two other OAHI members who have made post on this BB about the unfair fines levied against them and how they had no recourse except to pay them .
They might not be on the Board at this time
. Roy Cooke

The three components for qualification are:

  1. Baseline Accreditation - basic skills specific to the practice of home inspection.
  2. Technical Background - education and experience related to building science.
  3. Home Inspection Experience (Practical) - performing a minimum number of home inspections to OAHI Standards. Reports must be submitted by the applicant to the OAHI Verification Committee for assessment and evaluation to be certain that they meet the high standards of practice of the Association.
    The following baseline courses/requirements are mandatory:
  • Part 9: The House - Building Envelope.
  • Part 9: The House - Health & Safety.
  • Residential Heating Inspection
  • Residential Electrical Inspection
  • OAHI Defect Recognition and Reporting Course
    Plus one of the following:
    I. An Introduction to Home Inspection Course which has been approved by the OAHI;
    II. ** OR:** Have passed the “ASHI” National Home Inspection Examination (NHIE);
    III. **OR: **Have passed the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors (CAHI) exam;
    IV. OR: Completed 30 hours of Home Inspection programs, such as Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc. (provide a list including dates and # of hours of each, as well as Certificates).

Maybe Craig Barrows could comment on what he experienced with OAHI as a Student Member of OAHI and Nachi member?

Paul, I’m looking at the application to join (entrance requirements) and I don’t see any of that.

Are you sure that isn’t for some professional designation that the association awards, not their entrance requirements?