I have a request to quote on inspecting 7 houses in my area for one client.
The request gives a list of things they want inspected which would amount to a complete home inspection. However in the list it says termite inspection.
I know what to look for, but I am not certified specifically as a termite inspector. These inspections would be done in Virginia. I was wondering how
other inspectors would handle this. Should I contract out the Termite part since I connot give them a termite inspection or just state in my report my
findings on the termite issue.

Does Virginia require licensing specifically for termite inspections? Are you qualified to do that specific inspection? Can you sub it out as a one stop help?

Whatever you decide, having it addressed in the inspection agreement is important. :wink:

DO NOT state any termite reference in your report. You will most likey be breaking the law if you do, and you open yourself up to all of the liability.

IF you are, legally, allowed to subcontract out the termite inspection, that is what I would do. Call around and find out how mcuh they charge and make sure you include the proper amount in your pricing. Some state may allow you to sub contract out the termite inspection, but the check may have to me made out directly to the termite compnay.

Remember, if you contract them out, and you get paid directly for their services, you also become liable for their report if they miss something (You may be able to include some sort of disclosure against that in your agreement)

Better check this out, too. Just to be sure. Your case sounded kind of like this one.

I subbed out the termite inspection when I was in VA the rare times I was asked for them. In VA, it was customary at the time for the seller to pay for the termite inspection because they were also the ones who had to foot the bill if termites were discovered.

Contact the buyer, and explain to them who will be performing that portion of the inspection as it requires a specific license in VA that you do not carry. The termite companies also usually bill at settlement for either the buyer or the seller, that way you won’t be handling the money.