VA Loan Termite Inspection

I got a request for a home inspection and the buyer specified they are going through VA. They stated they don’t pay for the termite inspection. Is this something that the bank requests, VA Dept, or do they get reimbursed for the termite portion of the inspection? I haven’t come across this before.


The VA will not issue a loan on a home with no termite clearance. They don’t reimburse for the inspection though. Chances are that the seller is paying for a termite inspection from a different company. If they don’t pay you for it, then don’t do it. I hope that answers your question.

I was thinking that was most likely the issue. I appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch.

David, in Fort Pierce, FL a HUD loan always requires a WDO inspection. For some weird reason, it is required by HUD to be paid for by the seller, which is a huge mistake, just like almost anything else the Fed Govt does.

If you are WDO qual’d, contact the LA and try to solicit the WDO job.

Hey David–the previous poster is right–VA required termite inspection now on EVERY loan, and HUD is not far behind. Many of my buyers are starting to ask for them up front and I give them a price break if they add it to a full home inspection

I made the mistake of offering it under one bill, and then later was asked to itemize it with a different invoice for each. VA deal of course

This has not been true for years. VA does not require a termite inspection unless the Appraiser calls for one.

Actually there are areas the do require one. Those located in certain “TIP Zones” still want a clear termite. Luckily I am not in one of those zones. Mostly along the southern border of the US.