Houston Inspectors

This X-mas I got tired of 8 to 17 degrees and snow and spent 10 days in Houston with a good friend. Stayed up in The Woodlands / Conroe area. Was cold (35-55 degrees) but not like up North.

If I wanted to get warmer and move South, Is that a good area to move to for inspecting?

Yep, market is good, if you move down this way, Exxon is building a new refinery in the Woodlands, new construction is quite strong and about to boom in that region.
Having said that, Houston area is not/would not be my first choice to move to because of the hot (not warm) and muggy climat most of the year. You have to drive everywhere as everything is spread so far apart. If you can’t stand the heat, the outdoor activities (walking, playing with grandkids etc…) will be quite limited.

And if you moved an hour further South, you could come teach me a few tricks of the trade around NASA.

I would spend a couple of weeks down here in the sweltering August heat. That will let you know whether you want to inspect or not. As far as business goes TX is producing all of the jobs. Last year was my best since getting into the bus in 2003.

Terrible. Especially on the North/Northwest side of town.

Actually, Houston is a great market for Home Inspection. We have a number of really good inspectors out here. It’s a big market so I see more cooperation than squabbling between inspectors that you see in some small markets. There are plenty of clientele for both high and low end inspectors. Tons of new housing to inspect. Houston is the only place I have ever been where people consider a 10 year old house to be “older”.

Houston has a thriving Real Estate market, affordable housing, plenty of growth. Traffic is horrible and summertime heat is oppressive, but winters are mild. I came from NJ almost nine years ago and don’t ever plan to go back north.

Texas is also a freedom loving state. If you want to be responsible for your own decisions and not treated like a herd animal, this is a good place to be.

From today…
Winter in Houston TX, I almost got the a turtleneck out :smiley:
Come on over Dan!

GF lives in Woodlands / She comes up OR I go down about ever 6-7 weeks. This noon she called and was sunbathing in backyard.


If I wore shorts to inspections, today was almost one of those day :smiley:

I’ll probably be down there week of Valentines day OR we might go to Dallas.

That’s just not fair :smiley:

Says the man who lives in the 85 degrees perfect weather all year around :wink:

Confucius say:

Woman who comes up, must be upside down.:smiley:

C’mon Dan really!? As if we need any more middle aged, balding, former Marine, inspectors down here. :D…and that’s being kind.

Don’t forget to bring your guns.:wink:

John … looking at maybe Feb 12 to Feb 22 +/- in Houston / Conroe area

I can pick you up at the airport if you need a ride Dan.

Thanks John but I’m driving in this time. We’ve decided to spend 1st four or five days up in Dallas (usually around Lewisville), then down in Houston the last 4-5 days.

In December only did 5 home inspections, a grocery store and a 2 story window manufacturing facility. So far in January only done 2 home inspections. Actually over the weekend I ran into 2 home inspectors that are also licensed structural engineers / each has been inspecting for 15-16 yrs and both said same type of activity for them … 1st two weeks of January 1 had done 2 inspections / the other had only done 1. We’re slow.

Then this AM a new guy called asking if I’d recently trained any new guys I thought were sharp … he wants to hire another inspector as he’s turning business away and up 29% (per him) over last year.