Relocating to Texas

I have been an inspector since 2018 and now desire to relocate to Texas where I am originally from. I have served in ministry for 20+ years and started inspecting on the side. That side job has become my passion in life and now full time profession. I will be getting my license in TX over the next few months and am simply asking any Texas inspectors for advice on location. I desire to be in a smaller town with in reach of larger population centers like Austin/San Antonio/Fort Worth. I am fluent in Spanish also.

I am a seasoned inspector with over 3000 inspections to date. I simply desire to relocate to Texas so I can be closer to my family and also closer to my other Texas locations to help them grown. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Areas we are considering:

Johnson City
Le Grange

There are a ton of towns in these areas so any advice is greatly appreciate. You can email me at if the forum isn’t the right place for this conversation. I have a great relationship with the inspectors in my current area and I look forward to that in Texas as well.

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I can’t really help you on specifics, sorry, I’ve only ever been in and around Dallas.

However, on a much smaller scale, I run into this same sort of question as it relates to The Villages FL. You see, in the deep south part, there are new houses, light traffic, fewer amenities and long rides to everywhere. The Villages is huge, about 20 or so miles from top to bottom.

Up north, there’s everything you could possibly want, it’s built out, but the houses are older and the traffic is worse.

So the question have to go to, how important is it to be close to what is important to you? I used to live fairly rural so when I moved to FL, I wanted to be close to everything. The middle of it all, so to speak.

After a while, we decided that was nice, but needed a view, so bought another house further out.

The point I’m getting at here, is list what’s most important to you, then start whittling it away. I saw some lakes in that Northwest Austin area, got a boat? You mentioned ministry, how close is a church you want to attend?

Jobs come and go, so I would prioritize the life you want to live.

Good luck on your move!


Thank you Mark. That’s exactly why we have been looking at the cities I listed above. We want to raise our family in a smaller community, but be around those population centers where I can also provide. I appreciate your perspective.

You’re asking people to read your mind as to what all is important to you. The information about the criteria you have provided for the cities listed are easily obtainable online. So far this is all of the criteria you have provided.

  • smaller town
  • Within reach of larger population centers
  • Possibly with large Hispanic populations (??)
  • Close to your other Texas locations which are all only known to you as you list only Tyler, TX which is a very long way from where you appear to want around Austin and San Antonio.

More detail might assist other Inspectors to understand where you want to be.


Thanks for that Emmanuel. The idea for my post was to ask other TX inspectors of their experience in the areas listed and to see if any inspectors have any other areas they know would be a good fit for what I laid out. I am not sure what information I can attain online that aid haven’t already. I have researched those areas and talked with inspectors last year at the TRIPEA conference and many suggested I go to the Hill Country. I would love to be in that area, but also want to be open to any others that inspectors suggest. I also want to be in this area strategically as I would like to grow into that area and my Tyler, TX inspector will be growing us in the DFW area.

I believe my priorities are pretty clear in the first post as you picked up on. Again I have great relationships with the inspectors close to me where I currently work and I look forward to that when we relocate back to Texas where we are from.

Fort Worth is quite a hike from those towns. You could reach Austin or San Antonio from there. I have spent some time in Lampasas and San Saba, they are close to Austin, but also Temple and Waco and somewhat closer to Fort Worth. In Texas, most towns and cities are a stretch apart. I guess you would just have to consider where your family is, where the business is, and how far you want to drive.

Thanks Frank. I know Texas pretty well. I grew up there and have experience all over the state. I listed those areas together but consider Fort Worth an area of its own, not to be combined with Austin and San Antonio. Thanks.

Jeremy Smith
Apex Property Inspection L.L.C.
Owner/Lead Inspector


Hey Jeremy. Where did you land? I’m originally from Central Texas. We’re in Canyon Lake and love it here! Close enough to San Antonio and South Austin that we can get to each pretty easily, near the I-35 corridor, which is growing like mad, and found an amazing church home! Happy to share our experience if you’re still exploring optiions.

Hey Michael. First of all, thanks for checking in. I appreciate it.

We are still in Wyoming, praying about transition and location. In my mind I have narrowed it down to the Blando/Johnson City area or Brenhan. We love both areas and have good Churches to be apart of as well. My location in Wyoming is going gang-busters so I am praying for a good option here so we can really consider transition. I would love to connect some time and hear your story. Thanks again for reaching out.

Those are both great areas! My email is and mobile is 512-925-0898. Reach out any time.