How 'bout this one lol

we’ve done quite a bit of waterproofing, cracks in walls and deteriorated leaky rod holes for these good folks numerous times in the last 12 years, zero problems

Homeowners had a vertical crack in poured wall behind drywal in another area of basement - we waterproofed it, they call on the 4th rain after we did it - was a wind blown long rain, and said they got water in near same area of crack, okay, as always i told 'em what the likely culprits are and told 'em i’d come in a couple days, when dry and run a water test to… AHEM, determine why-where the water was still getting in - - ran water test a week ago just before the biGGy rains we had here.

ran water from ground level down, against F wall crack for an hour at least, full blast, no water entered.
where we dug n waterproofed the crack it’s backfilled with all gravel so if one takes a hose n runs it full blast right-against the foundation wall-crack, that’s a hllll of a test

then i took the lil bi chhhh hose lol and started soaking some of the M joints and bricks around the B window… as what happens when one gets a wind-blown long rain outta that direction n within a minute, water entered on floor, same spot…

so, they had at least a 2-part problem, the crack that allowed water in near recent leak AND what ya see in video, they may, likely DO have more deteriorated M joints below grade in both directions so at some point those will need to be waterproofed, they’ll eventually get wider n allow water, cost to do/waterproof the rest of the wall will be about 3,100

i forgot this video same house, lil sht openings above ground

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Interesting stuff, Mark. Thanks!

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