How did I ever get along without it?

I Finally bought a medium length telescoping ladder, to supplement my older, beat up but trusty Little Giant. Used it 3 times yesterday, it worked flawlessly and far easier to manipulate in smaller spaces.
Apparently this was years overdue!

What brand and height did you buy and how much did it cost you?


I bought this ladder, ( I think its the same size) I paid $250 out the door at a Sherwin Williams. They told me they have a hard time selling them because painters dont like the fact that a dried drip of paint can stop it from retracting. I bought a slightly heavier load rating than I thought I would need, but them I’m a big guy.

Got mine at Target for about $170. Use it a lot.

Sounds great and I have sure considered it but I have heard to many tails of folks almost dieing because of malfunction. Inspectors I respect have warned me against them and that scare the heck out of me. Seeing I was out of work since dec 11 2012 untill about 2 weeks ago because of a spill off a normal step ladder

Every story I’ve ever heard traced back to operator error. You definitely have to make sure the extensions are locked in place but it is a simple matter of checking it each time you extend the ladder.

I use mine every inspection for roof access or attic access.
Especially for attic access I feel much more comfortable carrying a collapsed ladder through the house instead of a step ladder bumping into things.


That’s the exact ladder I bought 6 months ago, and I too should have got it years ago. I still use my big extension ladder for the roofs, but for attic access inside the home, you can’t beat it. Worth every penny.

Use mine all the time :cool: Just watch your fingers when bringing it down (anyone get a blood blister? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh yeah! One time and I learned my lesson. :slight_smile:

Yep, it only takes one time (and mine was a doozie!) :shock:

Video clip of a telescoping ladder related fall. It appears that the middle rungs are not extended to their locking point.